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How soon after a double mastectomy can I start wearing a mastectomy bra?

I had a double mastectomy almost 4 weeks ago and would like to start looking like a woman again, but don't know when it's safe to put on a bra. I maxed out my insurance for the year so I am really trying not to go back to the doc till after the first of next year. Anyone out there with experience?


I don't think I really need physical therapy. I am getting my range of movement back quite nicely and feeling stronger everyday. I would just like some advice on mastectomy bras. I will go back to the doctor if necessary, but thought I could get some compassionate advice here without getting further into debt.

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    You had a double mastectomy and you are not going back to the doctor because your insurance is maxed out???

    You would have had physical therapy to get mobility back and multiple doctor visits to see how you were healing.

    Go back to the doc and see what he or she says.

    Edit: Try social service at the hospital you were operated at.

    Also, there are all kinds of free things for women who have had cancer, including FREE TREATMENT. Please look into all of this and I wish you the best. ( Social service will help you find a cancer support group that will help you find all the freebies and a place for a mastectomy bra.)

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