If Im Medically Discharged from the Military with 0% Rating and my Mil ID expires, can I renew it or not?

My military ID expired and I'm not sure if its renewable or not since I havent been to a base since it expired. It was a Honorable or Medical Discharge.

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    No. To clear it up for you being medically discharged at 0% entitles you to nothing. I was medically retired as a result of a spinal cord injury sustained when I broke my neck on terminal leave. The USAF originally claimed I was "physically fit for Worldwide Duty", though IAW AFR 160-43 (at the time) I was not. After the PEB (just looked at my medical records) made this claim they were forced to fly me to Lackland AFB, TX to meet with the MEB (Medical Evaluation Board). I was then placed on the Temporary Disability Retirement LIst so the "boys in blue" could screw with me for another 3 1/2 years (hoping I would miraculously recover) before finally giving me my medical retirement on 27 Dec 83 at 50%. Even though the VA and Social Security were paying me disability since April 1980. My original DOS was 20 AUG 79 but as I was an inpatient at a VA Hospital SCI Center unable to walk or feed myself among other things. The USAF had an obligation to ensure I received treatment and as a result I retired on 3 APR 80.

    EDIT/UPDATE- The key words are discharge and retirement.

    You were DISCHARGED

    I was RETIRED

    Source(s): Sgt. USAF. Retired. Aeromedical Tech. Former NCOIC Flight Medicine/Physical Exams Griffiss AFB, NY
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    the respond is an obtrusive NO. as quickly as you're discharged, you're actually not any greater interior the protection stress and your identity will expire with out danger of renewing. Why must you have a protection stress identity once you're actually not interior the protection stress. the only exception to that's people who're retired, and if so, you have your identity taken away and adjusted with a retired protection stress identity. in case you have an identity this is expired, you're legally required to the two turn it back in, or spoil it. in case you practice your protection stress identity to all people, this is implying which you're interior the protection stress. this is stated as impersonating a protection stress service member and that could be a legal. i won't come across the proper regulation good now (i comprehend I replied an identical question in the previous on !YA). whilst i grow to be working in a scientific institution ER together as nevertheless interior the army Reserves, a individual got here in with an expired protection stress identity and tried to declare he grow to be interior the protection stress. The identity grow to be expired via almost a 300 and sixty 5 days. of course that is unlawful to refuse service in a scientific institution (so he grow to be given therapy), yet as an NCO i could no longer enable him proceed to apply that identity. I at as quickly as decrease his identity card into products... stored a small sliver with out information so as that it might desire to no longer be positioned back mutually... and exceeded it back to him. I made useful he knew that i grow to be interior the protection stress and that that could be a legal to apply an expired identity. i decide to propose which you do no longer practice that identity to all people and spoil it, you under no circumstances comprehend who's interior the protection stress.

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    no. Only retired personnel( medically or otherwise) can keep their ID.

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    No you can't You have no need for one, so you wont get one.

    Source(s): Army Scout
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