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DEANER asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

In Movies, series, What annoys you most? What do you most love?

Examples: Annoyances

Ordering food or coffee or drink and then they get into a fight or finish scene and leave, not touching it. I Hate That!

The fact that everyone drinks shots or tumblers of Hard Liquor. Whisky or Scotch. I don't think i know / knew one person under 60 who actually does that. And most people 60 don't either. Is it just easier to fake on film? What about beer and wine or even martinis? Sometimes you see that - but to me, Scotch is not used. Is that a New York thing?

Overuse of Character Names in dialog so you know them. Not realistic. Most friends / siblings, go years without actually verbalizing names. And some spouses literally NEVER address each other by name! it's like - a thing

Likes - In Sex and the City - bringing up common weird stuff. Such as when Carrie is asked what Burger looks like and she says, "I don't know, i can't remember, that's how i know i really like him (paraph)" YES! YES! - that is so true. Hmm. another good Q - why? Or when someone refers to guys leaving exactly after 3 months. YES.



SheAn - o yeah! the black coffee thing! I take cream 2

Update 2:

dobberx - i laughed, i cried, it became a part of me - great effort, and i am right there with ya! wow - you are observant. Very entertaining. I agree.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Good ones all. I also dislike the uneaten food and drink thing.

    Mine include.

    Car chase cliches:

    -car drives on sidewalk

    -car runs over vendor's cart

    -car flips for no apparent reason

    -car gets launched into the air by striking another car

    Cars that don't start when the killer is near.

    Cell phones that don't work when the killer is near.

    Group of people split up in large old house/building when they know slasher may be around.

    Cats jumping out of nowhere to "scare" the audience.


    Loud explosions in space. Impossible with no air for sound waves to travel thru. Doesn't really annoy me much. I get the dramatic license here.

    Able bodied people who trip while being chased.

    Bodies flying backwards when they get shot.


    Martial arts fights with impossible moves. (wire work)

    Writers who insist on insulting our intelligence - especially in otherwise decent flicks. Independence Day comes to mind. A human computer can link up with an alien computer??? The aliens don't notice the FIFTY YEAR OLD fighter craft pulling in for service???

    Obvious continuity errors like in Pretty Woman. His tie is tied- no, it's untied - no, it's tied again. SIGH.

    Ridiculous age difference in couples. Just about every Woody Allen movie!

    Gunfights in westerns where nobody has to ever reload and guys die instantly from ANY wound and there's not a drop of blood in sight. Oh, but IF the good guy gets shot all he needs is a sling for his arm! And, of course, if it's one of those one-on-one fast draw street gunfights, each gunman fires only one shot.

    So-called "science fiction" movies which are nothing but "attack of the giant (insert animal/insect/plant here) pieces of bad-acted crapola (see any made for syfy channel movie). This was done to death in the 50's and 60's.

    Remakes of old TV series which make a joke out of the original. "I Spy" was a great drama/action series but an awful comedy/action movies.


    Original or risk taking films like Memento or Blair Witch Project or even Cloverfield.

    Films that utilize the talents of middle-aged actresses. Usually, once they hit 40, actresses are put on the junk pile. Suddenly, they're just not pretty/sexy enough.

    REAL science fiction. So rare these days.

    Silly comic-book superhero movies that actually have a budget, a decent story and good casting. These movies are now so much better than what they used to pump out. Superman (1978) was the exception - good, fun movie.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Well, firstly I'd be astonished that I'd even made it so far to have my idea brought to the screen. But after a miserable failure, I suppose I'd feel rather optimistic, and hope that it would give my fans the initiative to go back to/try out the books. Also, since authors have very little say in the production of films inspired by their respective works, I wouldn't feel too responsible, since the film adaptation wouldn't have been my creation. BQ: Which novel do you believe was a failure when adapted into a movie? -- I wish Wuthering Heights had had a better cast. They had planned a recent edition with Ed Westwick and Gemma Arterton, which I would have loved regardless of the execution, but it was unfortunately changed. I also think a lot of action films were skimping on all the prospective momentum the book had given them. Some of the Harry Potter films, to me, seemed a little bit passive in the sense that it couldn't really capture the intensity of what was happening. For example, in the Order of the Phoenix, I think the battle between the Order members, the Hogwarts students and the Death Eaters had the potential to be more ... epic, by a few degrees. Which novel do you believe was a huge success? (think that one is obvious) -- The Lord of the RIngs were pretty fantastic, I think everything was put together great for that. The score was amazing, the actors were perfectly suited (especially Orlando Bloom!) and the graphics were quite mind-blowing. BQ2: Which B&A question do you find the most annoying? -- I guess it would have to be the questions that seem to pop up all the time: "How do I show, not tell?" "Can a 14 year old get published?" "When do I use who and whom?" "Why are adverbs and semicolons bad?" It's just that these Askers could just type their question in the Y!A search bar and read the answers of previous Askers who had had the same question. Instead, they're wasting points and time in posting and waiting for answers. Also, I think B&A is more of an area for people who want to discuss literature, find different perspectives and opinions and interpretations of things; that's why I don't particularly like "homework"-asking people, either. There are members who think B&A is infested with authors who just do character-interviews and ask about their friends' novels, but although we do that, we're a hell-of-a-lot closer to the B&A mark than the others are! There's a "Homework Help" section, after all... BQ3: Tell me a song that has touched you in some way and I'll listen to it please?:) -- Can I mention four? (: 1. "Coming Home" - Diddy and Dirty Money: this song completely rewired my story and made it so much better. I owe it a lot. 2. "Tonight" - FM Static: this song provided the foundation and inspiration for my MC's best friend, Gray's, romance. 3. "Amazing" - Hedley: this song is just the best. I love it. It's calm and pretty and it totally describes my best friend Brandon. 4. "Wedding Dress" - Taeyang: you have to watch the video. It's so sad. It's about a guy whose best friend is marrying another guy, and it hurts him to see her get married.

  • SheAn
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    i hate how no one ever says goodbye on the phone..and how everyone's cell phone works no matter where they are on earth! oh and everyone drinks black coffee?? i personally like a little milk and sugar in mine..

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