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J asked in HealthOther - Health · 1 decade ago

How do u start a donation website?

My name is Sharonda and i have a 23 month old son named Jayden. He has brain damage due to loss of oxygen right before birth. His condition is 100 percent the hospitals fault. I do everything i possibly can do and he is improving allot but he is delayed in development, and speech. He also is legally blind and is unable to walk or sit up without support. He gets many different therapies and he always tries his best. I recently learned about stem cell therapy and i believe this will help Jayden. It cost about $30,000. So i thought about making a donation website so he can start the therapy while he's still young. If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it. Thanks

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    First try to see if there's anything like a Ronald McDonald House near the children's hospital in your area. Then see if they can help you too. These places are really what you need. The time it will take to put a website together and then try to get others to donate the advertising will be long. Even a non profit organization takes allot of time, people, and planning before it can become a reality. You need to check on any needed licensing too. This is way too much for just one person to do. Then there's all the time away from your son too. You'll need start up money just to get this idea off the ground. Please try going through an organization already up and running. Then both you and your son can benefit from the advantages and technology's too. Try to look up what organization was started by Christopher Reeves. He was that actor that was paralyzed from the neck down and started a stem cell research organization I believe. Allot of people donated money for him too. His wife also raised allot of money too before she passed away from something. I think there is a son left alive that keeps it going too. Good luck and God Bless

    BTW- If his condition was 100% do to the hospital then why aren't they paying for any treatments? I would ask an attorney about this. Any condition caused by any hospital is 100% up to them to take care of or settle usually with a sum of money either in or out of court.

    Source(s): nursing experience and personal knowledge.
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    Making a website is pretty easy. There are tons of templates and places to do it like with Google Sites Setting up the button to make the donation can be done with pay-pal and encrypted into your free site with google. I think the biggest challenge would be to build traffic to that site. You probably need to advertise it somehow. See, just because you build a site doesn't mean that people are just going to find it. You should seek the help of a web developer or a graphic designer. If I were you... I would go the nearest school that has a graphic design program and ask permission to place an ad on the school job board. Place an ad that says, "Need portfolio pieces? Need intern for with a website project for a good cause." Then they would help because they need the practice anyway.

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