How do I keep my toddler from trying to grab my laptop?

I just want to have a couple more minutes online. My husband is home so he is paying attention to them. lol My girlie keeps trying to grab it.

How do you keep your kids away from your computer. She just turned 2 in June.

Hold up... she just grabbed HER elmo computer. What a sweet child I have.

I guess this isn't a question anymore. Oh wait, yes it is. Here comes her twin. I only have one elmo laptop. HELP! lol


Actually, that is damn good help! I'm moving soon and I can see putting our old gateway and our old IBM in there and letting them play with real computers for awhile and they'll each have one. Why not?

That's a great idea!!!!!

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  • Franky
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    1 decade ago
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    LOL! Buy another Elmo laptop!

    We tried so hard to keep our now 3 year old off the computer.

    Long story short, not only did it NOT work, but now my 3 year old knows how to get online and get to playhouse Disney and shockwave and Noggin websites to play games.

    My suggestion? Start letting them on there with you, take them to kids websites and play games with them. Our plan is to buy a cheap older computer so our son can go online whenever he wants.

    3 years old, and I have to fight with him to get online, LOL!

    I know I'm not much help, but GOOD LUCK!

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    That's so cute that she got her Elmo laptop!! :D

    This answer is probably a bit more serious than your question really calls for, but I gues sI just can't help myself!! :D

    How do you keep your toddler from trying to grab your laptop? You tell them no, and you enforce it. I tell them, "that's a no" and if they continue to do it, I'll give them a timeout or firmly squeeze their hand.

    The thing about this -- it's cute behavior until they pull your laptop off the table and it shatters -- or worse, you are at a neighbor's house and they can't keep their hands of your neighbor's laptop.

    If you teach them how to use it, then it would be appropriate -- at 3, my son was regularly using the laptop to go to and other age-appropriate sites (he was an early reader), but I did not let him use the computer until I had time to teach him how to use it appropriately.

    Same idea as playing with a cell phone or remote control. Until they know how to use it, I don't let them randomly touch it, unless we are learning how to use it.

    I didn't move our receiver, DVD player, VCR, whatever -- I instructed my children that they were a "no touch" and I enforced it -- so I never had a problem with this sort of thing.

    I'll probably say this a million times before I am through with Yahoo Answers, but these little blessings will do what you let them. They will go right to the line you draw and look right at you as the step on it and then over it. If you don't encourage obedience in this situation, you are in for a long, hard teenage years (and beyond) time.

    I know it seems like its not that big of a deal, and probably, by iteself, it's really not, but when you pair it with 20 other similar behaviors, you're looking at a hard to handle child who people avoid and don't want to invite over to their homes.

    And wow, TWINS!! How fun!! I always hope for twins, but we haven't been that lucky yet .... Good luck with your move!! :D

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get on the computer in the bathroom or get another elmo computer.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Buy another elmo laptop!!! quick!

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  • 1 decade ago

    my kids always want to sit on my lap while i'm on the computer.. i always say no.. but they end up sitting anyway.. :P

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