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What ring do you think will look best for my hand? Pics Included.?

I am a SAHM for the time being. I do medical billing/coding from home., plus I also work part-time at Golds Gym as a personal trainer (when I'm not pregnant). I have 2 active children, and I am pregnant with twins. My husband and me are having a renewal of vows for our 10th wedding anniversary. I have included a picture of my left hand, and my choices of rings. I would like to know what would look best on my hand. Please be tactful with your answers. Thanks.


YEP! I do have to say that I don't have small hands. I use to be over 340 lbs, when I reached my goal weight of 160, I became a personal trainer. My ring and hands stayed the same. I love spending time with my kids, but being on bed rest SUCKS!! I've been doing medical billing/coding from home, for over 2 years now. I've been a personal trainer since 2006. I miss working in the gym, and being more active, but I've been put on strict bedrest, due to early contractions. We need healthy babies more then we need the income.

Thanks for the great answers so far.

Update 2:

I meant to say my ring size has stayed the same.

Update 3:

Jo, you are 100% correct. I never thought about that before.... and you have great taste!!!!

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    this all has to do with balance. i have freakishly long fingers, so a thicker band balances that out. if you have stubbier and more round fingers, then you want to get a thinner band. it will leave more skin exposed on your finger, thus elongating it.

    it's just like picking out glasses, or getting a haircut. a round face needs square glasses, a square face needs round...etc.

    chubby fingers need thin rings

    long skinny fingers need thick rings


    additionally, round stones will accentuate roundness, so square stones will be more flattering on your hand.

    out of those 3, the third one with the green will be most flattering and slimming on your hand, but

    maybe something more like this style would be better:

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    Those are all great choices.

    Your hand is on the larger side so you can wear a more substantial looking ring without it overwhelming your hand. I think I like the middle one the best.

    The third one might be a wee bit too dainty for you. I think the shape of the first might make your fingers look shorter rather than long and elegant.

    I love your taste. These are all great choices.

    P.S. Congrats on the growing family!

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    I like the first one. First, there's a bigger diamond. Second, it's simple, so it will appeal to lots of tastes. Third, if you decide to do a wedding band, you're never going to find one that sits flush against ring #2. Good luck! Also, I just noticed that they are the EXACT same karat of gold, so don't let people tell you that one gold is better than the others. They are both 10k white gold.

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    I think the middle one would suit your hand and lifestyle the best. The "East/West" setting on the third one isn't really flattering on a ring finger, even for someone with super thin fingers... kind of like horizontal stripes - haha. The first one is too "bubbly" in shape for my tastes... but I realize that it's YOUR ring. All in all, the middle one is simple and elegant, but perfect for working out and looking after the kids, etc.

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    number 2

  • Personally I like #2. It's beautiful and simple. Great for being a sahm and personal trainer.

    Whatever you choose... congrats on the vow renewal! =o)

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    The first or second one. Your fingers aren't very thin so a thin band like number 3 won't flatter as well.

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    I would go with the 1st ring, it's beautiful and it represents the past present and future of your relationship. Whatever you end up with it will compliment you very well.

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    2 seems best for your lifestyle and hand/finger size. It won't get caught on equipment and it's easier to chase kids around while wearing it.

    They're all beautiful though!

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    gosh! theyre all so lovely! personally i like the 1st one (with the diamond in the middle)

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