Someone translate Sun Yan Zi - Ai Qing Zheng Shu to English?

Can someone translate the lyrics of Ai Qing Zheng Shu by Sun Yan Zi (Stafanie Sun) in english? Here's a link

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And here's the lyrics

ji mo dang ran you yi dian ni bu zai wo sheng bian

zong shi xiang nian ni de lian ju li shi yi fen kao juan

ce liang xiang ai de shi yan

zui hou hui bu hui shi xian

wo men wei ai hai zai xue xue gou tong de yu yan

xue zhe liang jie xue zhe bu liu lei

deng dao wo men xue hui fei fei yue hei ye he kao yan

ri zi jiu yao cong gu dang li bi ye

wo men yong duo yi dian dian de xin ku

lai jiao huan duo yi dian dian de xing fu

jiu suan xing fu hai you yi duan lu

deng wo men xue hui ren nai he fu chu

zhe ai qing yi ding hui you zhang zheng shu

zheng ming cong ci bu gu du

Thank you very much =D

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  • k c
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    1 decade ago
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    ok, here is the chinese lyrics and the translation :

    " 愛情證書 "

    " Love Certificate "

    孫燕姿 (Sun Yanzi) Stefanie Sun

    寂寞當然有一點 你不在我身邊 總是特別想念你的臉

    of course had a little lonely

    you are not by my side

    always miss a lot of your face

    距離是一份考卷 測量相愛的誓言 最後會不會實現

    distance is a test paper

    measures for the love oath

    will it finally realize

    我們為愛還在學 學溝通的語言 學著諒解 學著不流淚

    we are still studying for the love

    learning the language of communication

    learning to forgive

    learning not to shed tears

    等到我們學會飛 飛越黑夜和考驗 日子就要從孤單裡畢業

    wait until we learn to fly

    fly pass over the night and test

    days will be graduating from the loneliness soon

    我們用多一點點的辛苦 來交換多一點點的幸福

    we used a little bit more painstaking

    In exchange for a little bit more of happiness


    等我們學會忍耐和付出 這愛情一定會有張證書

    even there is still a distance of road to happiness

    wait for us to learn to be patient and to pay out

    this love must have a certificate

    證明 從此 不孤獨

    to certify

    from now on

    never lonely


  • popek
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    3 years ago

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