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Can someones brain chemistry not handle weed?

I asked a few days ago about what the effects are, because I've smoked Proli 20 times or so over a period of 3 years. But last september I smoked and had a major anxiety attack.. it gave me anxiety problems all winter. Then this spring through now i smoked a few more times, but just a little but.. and i had to much the other night and the anxiety thing happened again only a lot worse. Basically a lot of pot smokers are telling me that shouldnt happen.. maybe my teenage chemistry isn't meant to handle this with everything else going on?? I'm a 16 yr old dude btw

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    sometimes people have violent reactions to chemicals that most people just dont experience. there are people who will only need one beer to have an insane hangover lasting for days, or people who will only need one coffee to become a quivering wreck.

    this might be you as far as weed is concerned, its your body's way of telling you it doesn't agree.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    statistically there are individuals who are allergic to the THC in pot

    they are far and few between, but your symptoms sound to me like that is what it is .. pot is a depressant ((meaning a way to chill))

    to have the physical reaction that it is acting like a suppressant might be the body's physical reaction to being allergic ... do not be afraid to ask your doctor next time youre in for a check up, dr patient confidentiality prohibits them from telling your parents..

    i am a pot smoker, so when i say you should not smoke any more until you learn if you are indeed allergic is not a bias of just saying dont smoke weed man ...

    Source(s): i smoke weed to curb anxiety
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Marijuana enhances how we may think. So for example if you were a negative thinker well if you were high then you will think even more negative. If you are a person who is afraid of alot of things well when you get yourself high you will be really scared and paranoid.

    It's not how your body is, it's how your mind is set.

    Here let me see if I can help you with anxiety;

    First off the root of anxiety, shyness, nervousness, blushing and so forth is from fear. When the mind is afraid then the body will get the messages, so then the body will turn tensed, rigid, have fast heart beats, ect.

    My strategy to go against fear is this;

    Now when your in a situation where you feel "afraid", well I want you to imagine every negative or positive outcome that may happen to you when your in a fearful situation and just "let it happen" instead of "preventing" it. When you try to prevent these outcomes made up in your mind, you create a barrier of fear, which makes your body turn tensed and rigid. Think about this though has fear ever benefited you in your whole life? Or has it instead made your situation worse by making your body turn tensed and rigid?

    You are human, you are certainly going to die in this lifetime and so is everyone else. So "try" to "enjoy" every moment you can living, instead of living in "fear". You can possibly die next week, next month or maybe in the next 2 years.

    If you think negatively well then it’s time to break this habit. Why should you break this habit? This negative habit has no benefits at ALL, but instead it leaves you feeling down all the time, thinking badly about everything and at some cases where you just want to die because you feel so negative and think so negative. When we think positive we also feel positive. Thinking positive has benefits as to thinking negative has no benefits. They’re some negative acts such as killing, stealing, bad use of words, ect. Those are negative acts because they harm one self and others. Thinking positive is thinking on the good side of things, thinking good, and feeling great.

    Habits take time to break; thinking negative is a major horrible habit.

    Repeatedly tell yourself to not think negative and because it has no benefits and it is a bad habit.

    After you try to break this bad habit you must try to start a good habit which is thinking positive, thinking on the good side of things, feeling good.

    So conclusion; If the act does not harm YOU or anyone else than it can be thought of as positive.

    Whenever you think negative, don't be too hard on yourself. Tell yourself that negativity is a bad habit and it can be broken and all things take time and progress.

    "You won't know until you try"

    "Don't doubt, attempt, make mistakes, learn, move forward, live"

    Holding a decision is like making a delay, does it ever help? Don't be afraid to make mistakes, humans make mistakes ALL the time, but what is important is that we "recognize" our mistake, "learn" from our mistake, and try to "avoid" doing it in the future. Note; if you know what you’re going to die is a mistake and intentionally then try to avoid it.

    You hear this once and you'll hear it again and it’s true;

    " In order to love others you must first love yourself "

    So everyday when you wake up remember to love yourself to get yourself through the day.

    Don't be worried if you don't "receive" love because that does not bring you true happiness, "giving" love brings more happiness than receiving for "ones own". But remember in order to give love you most first love yourself because there must be a root that the love must start from, which is yourself, and then it grows and spreads onto others like a tree.

    So in your case don't worry if people don't love you back, just remember what will truly make you happy and get you through a day is if you love yourself and love others, no need to receive as long as were giving, this is the formula of happiness.

    The only love one needs in this world is oneself, the rest are just a bonus. After one has the love for oneself THEN one can truly share it with others.

    This is an awesome realization I have realized through knowledge;

    what I mean when I say the only love we need in this world is ourselves is because our love is the only love we can actually feel. When we see someone else and they say to us "I love you" we can't actually feel, hear, taste, or smell their love, all we can do is take effect of it in our mind. Our mind interprets the love.

    Even if someone does say "I love you" how do we know if they mean it? We can't actually feel it, therefore other peoples love is just an illusion in our mind. The only love we need is ourselves, after this we can visualize and actually try to feel it in our hearts to give love to people because by doing this we practice giving which makes us less "self"-ish.

    *Your love for yourself will be with you at all times, while other peoples love is just an illusion.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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