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I know a 5 year old child's father who is dealing drugs out of his home...?

I know he has joint custody of his kid, but isn't this considered child endangerment? What can I do to get this ended? What kind of penalties will he face if he's caught? Will he lose custody? Help, my conscience is heavy!


Thanks for your answer! I was just wondering if you knew what the consequences for his apprehension would be, aside from losing custody. I agree that he should, but I'm wondering about other reprecussions (jail, fines, probation, etc.) I have talked to the local police dept., but they told me that in order for him to get caught, someone would have to do a few controlled buys and wear a wire. He would suspect me, so I'm out of the question. Any other ideas?

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    If he is dealing drugs out of his home he deserves to lose custody. That is absolutely putting a child's life in danger. The child could ingest the drugs, the dad could get high and abuse or neglect the child, or violence could ensue with an angry customer.

    Police get calls all the time saying that people are dealing drugs. What you need to do is say that there is a child in danger. Call the police nonemergency number or, preferably, go to the police station. Describe the situation and make it very clear that a child is in danger. They will always be more apt to help when there are minors involved. You are right to worry. Please let me know how this goes. Good luck.

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