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Good computer microphones?

Where do they sell good computer microphones (headset) that aren't to expensive? And how would you set them up?

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    heres a Logitech microphone offers by newegg, its 20dollars each.

    I bought this months ago, it works great, the voice is clear and everything. And if i'm not trustworthy enough, look at the review. 5stars!

    After you got the microphone plug it into your front or back panel, you can take a look at the back of your computer, there should be something indicates which is the mic input. If there isnt any indication, plug it into the bottom left corner one. In the front panel you'll always see the indication, so there is no need for explaining. After you plug it into the correct one, go to your control panel then sound and make sure the mic is not mute. For XP, there should a choice call advance, click it and you should find the mic volume there, for Vista, there is a option call properties, click in, go to the levels tab, and adjust your volume.

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