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Best of Breed, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex?

Please explain how it all works! :) Especially the difference between Best of Winners and Best of Breed- I can't figure it out...


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    Best of Breed is the best overall representative of the breed in the ring.

    Best of Opposite Sex is the best animal in the ring of the opposite sex to Best of Breed (i.e. if BOB is a male, BOS will be the best female as determined by the judge...or vice versa)

    Best of Winners is the best example of the breed between the two class animals chosen as Winners Dog and Winners B*tch. The judge has chosen the best example of each sex from the class animals (Winners Dog and Winners *****), and now must decide which of the two is best overall.

    BOB and BOW can be the same animal, if the judge determines that one of his winners (WD or WB) is better than any of the champions entered. If WD or WB goes BOB, they will automatically be considered BOW, as well.

    BOW and BOS can also be the same animal, if the judge's BOW is also of the opposite sex to BOB (and the judge determines that this dog is better than any other of its sex in the ring, including the champions of the same sex).

    Hope this is more enlightening than confusing!

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    Best Of Opposite Sex

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    OK, there are different *classes* such as the 6-9 month class, open, bred by exhibitors, etc, etc., for both males and females. The winner of *each* of these classes go back in together to compete against each other. Then, you will have a *winners dog* and a *winners b*tch*. Then those two will enter the ring together and the judge will pick the best of winners. Which ever dog does not get chosen as best of winners, will be considered best of opposite sex. With best of breed, their are already dogs that are Ch. competing with each other and then the best of winners are allowed to compete with those already CH's for BOB. I hope a made a little sence trying to explain it.

    Add: Kotor...it's not the same. BIS is when the BOB from each *group* compete against each other.....best Toy, best Working, best Sporting, etc.

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    The competition in a dog show is like two competitions... the dogs who are not yet champions, and the dogs who are. In the dogs who are not yet champions, one female will be designated Winners Bi*tch and one male will be designated Winners Dog... whichever of these two is judged to be the best becomes Best of Winners. Best of Breed is the dog who is judged the best of all of the champion animals (plus the Winners Bi*tch and Winners Dog, who are allowed to compete with the champions) which are competing against each other.

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    Can the judge award Best of Opposite sex AND Select to the same dog?

  • Isn't best of winners the same thing as Best of Show?

    Best of show is the dog That is the best of its breed over all the other breeds that won.

    Thanks Julie! I was just thinkin they were. I didn't really know for sure what it was.

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