This is for KelseyLynn...Brandon Nicholas Garrett?!?

So what do you think of Brandon Nicholas Garrett? This BNG is for KelseyLynn...happy birthday!

1. You accept a proposal from your longtime high school sweetheart and marry in ____. You honeymoon in your husband's favorite city, ____.

2. After returning home, you are pregnant with fraternal twin girls! One of their middle names has to be a family relative's, and the other's first name must start with an A.

3. You adopt a baby boy from _____ when the twins are three. They adore him and you tell them to pick an initial for his first name. They pick ____. His name is:

4. When the baby boy is two, and the twins are off to Kindergarten, you decide to have another baby. You are blessed with triplets, two boys and a girl! Their names are in alphabetical order (they don't have to be ABC, you can do, like BCD, TUV).

5. Now that the twins are in second grade, your boy is four, and the tripps are two, you decide to get a dog. What is the name, breed, and gender?

6. After moving to a large colonial, you want one last baby. But make that one times four! They are evenly boys and girls.

You have: a pair of twins, an adopted boy, a pair of triplets, a pair of quads, and a dog. You are complete.

My answers:

1. Outdoor garden in home state, London

2. Katherine June, Arlington "Arlie" Naomi

3. England, they pick B, Bryan Justin

4. Leo David, Matthew Edward, Nicholas "Nicky" Fallon

5. Meeshe, American Cocker Spaniel, Female

6. Samantha "Sammi" Christine, Evangeline "Evie" Margaret, Joseph "Joey" William, Carson "Carse" Timothy

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    Yay! That's ME! I'm KelseyLynn! Thanks PinkLemonade!! :D

    1) The park where we met, Belize

    2) Melody Hannah "Mel" and Aurora Ruth "Rory"

    3) Isreal, J, Jericho Elijah

    4) Ephraim Daniel, Forrest James, and Gaia Elizabeth (EFG)

    5) Scout, Blue Heeler, Male

    6) Phoenix John, Gavin Jeremiah, Caspian Matthew, Auden Leah, Cordelia Rachel "Delia", and Lorelai Sarah

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    Like Brandon, like Nicholas, hate Garrett.

    1. Marry in Boston, MA. Honeymoon in London, England.

    2. Cecilia Lindsey and Adele Ophelia

    3. England: They pick S. His name is Sullivan Blaise.

    4. Jace Michael, Killian James, Lily Emmeline

    5. Dog is a black lab named Mischa.

    6. Vivienne "Vivi" Marie, Isabel Cate, Charles Marshall, Maxwell Brice

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    1. NC, Charleston

    2. Catherine Neil and Ainsley Marie

    3. China, M, Maddox Anthony

    4. Ryan James, Skyler "Skye" Elizabeth, Thomas Alexander.

    5. Miley, Yorkie, Female

    6. Sophia Grace, Harper Nicole, Jacob Miles and Joshua Riley.

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    Love Brandon :D

    1 A Church In Winter .. Snowy Wedding :D Italy

    2 Rosalie Sarah and Madalyn Ava

    3 England, They Pick J , Jacob Luke

    4 Noah James, Oliver (Oli) Kellen and Peyton Leigh

    5 Molly and Max, Labradors , Female and Male .. I Wanted Two :D

    6 Benjamin Elliot, Brandon Cooper, Bailey Grace and Bella Maire

    So I Have Rosalie, Maddie, Jake, Noah, Kellen, Peyton, Ben, Brandon, Bailey and Bella. Molly And Max The Dogs


    Jess X

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Australia. Cancun.

    2.) Amelia Grace and Serena Noelle.

    3.) From the US. They pick A. Ashton James

    4.) Anna Sophia, Brandon Austin, Caleb Gabriel.

    5.) Lab, female, Chloe.

    6.) Violet Ava Grace, Estella Brooke, Nathan Parker, & Kingston David.

  • Nicole
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    1 decade ago

    A big church in North Carolina, Los Angoles

    Morgan Sophia and Alary Estella

    Ireland. C. Charlie Spencer

    Brandon Cooper, Callie Elizabeth Ann, Dakota Serena

    Bella.Bernese mountain dog.Girl

    Hallie Makenzie, Sienna Faye, Dallas Cooper, Mason Taylor

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. a local church in our hometown.

    all over Italy

    2. Alessandra Mallory 'Aless' and Aubree Pamela

    3. Italy; ON

    Owen Nicholas

    4. Charles Fredrick, Dalton George, Eden Hailey

    5. Female Boston Terrier named Louise

    6. Ian Kinley, Jonathan William, Keeley Octavia, and Lucia Sienna

    I would have Aless, Aubree, Owen, Charlie, Dalton, Eden, Ian, Jon, Keeley, Lucia, and the dog, Louise

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    1. Frankenmuth MI, somewhere in Florida

    2. Brooklyn Elizabeth and Sage Audrey

    3. germany Z. Zane Michael

    4. Brandon Joseph Carter James and Danica Taylor

    5. Male Doberman pincher named King

    6. Karlie May Samantha Victoria Owen Finnley and Noah Alexander


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Costa Rica or Hawaii. Las vegas

    2. Alexis jordan and Savannah Paige

    3. Korea, N. Noah Jasper

    4. Aiden Jonathan, Brennan Gabriel and Caylee Brooke

    5. German Sheperd. Girl, name is Tavi

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Petosky, Grand Rapids

    2. Victoria Rose, Alexandria Lee

    3. Cambodia, H, Hector Matthew

    4. Jessica Hope, Kaleb Truman, Levi Walter

    5. Prince, Dachshund, Male

    6. Monica Alberta, Joshua Christian, Wyatt Franklin, Theresa Gabriella.

    That was fun, but that's a lot of kids!

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