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I am not really sure what president Obama is proposing for health coverage, can anyone explain it to me?

I am not really sure what President Obama is or will propose for health coverage? How much is it going to cost and how long will it take before it takes effect? Will Americans actually be able to afford it , esp the senior citizens? Our economy is in horrible shape, i really do not see a lot of new jobs getting created although President Obama has stated several times " He will not rest until every one has a job." Ok that sounds so wonderful , since my husband has been out of a job in the last five years or so. We are surviving only by the good graces of our families and their help with financial situations. We also have a disabled child with a brain disorder and thank God we have Medicaid to cover these costs. I am not one to cheat the government out of anything but if the help is there i will take advantage of it , if it means my daughter getting the help she needs by specialty doctors . These type of doctors do not come cheap. But somewhere down the road just like any other American i would like to see our situation in this country improve and get over the recession that we are in.The elderly are suffering the most because of either lack of medical professionals or lack of health insurance and they are the ones that need it the most. Most elderly have worked their whole life's just to save up and be able to survive and now most are on welfare or living on the streets and have no way to go to a doctor , now people , cmon , this is America . We can do better than this. If we were third world countries or something like that then i could accept that to a point but not Americans for goodness sakes. This is not the way it should be at all.

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    1 decade ago
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    Google H.R.3200 for the House Version of which they are basing the Health Care off of. I know the above poster guided you to factcheck...........I must tell you this is operated by the Annenberg Group which has very heavy ties with both Obama and Bill in my mind that site is no longer viable for truth and honesty. It IS part of the ACORN organizations.

    Read the House Version of the bill, it is long it is boring but very revealing when you get to those sections you are concerned about. Yes it rations, yes it is inhumane and yes it is unamerican giving the Feds access to your personal bank accts for whatever reason.

    What the Politicians and Obama are saying are lies.........or "half truths". Make your own decision based on reading. Google it and read. YOU as I was SHOCKED.

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  • 1 decade ago
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