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Do you approve of the job President Barack Obama has done?

I'm just looking for an average of how people feel. I remember how popular he was in January, so its been awhile and a lot has happened. Just say whether or not you approve, give a reason if you want.

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    Damn! there are a lot of sheeple answering this question.

    he's done a terrible job as president so far and it's only been 6 months. so far he's spent more money then any other president in history including fdr who was in office for 12 years and fought a worked war and obama isn't showing any signs of stopping. he's also driving the depression instead of ending it with is asinine bailouts and this health care bill is bullshit. and that's just a small fragment of what he's done and he still has over 3 years left in office at least. alot of people refuse to admit that he is a **** up and just deflect the blame so they will support him in 2012 and then there is always the chance that the 22 amendment will be repealed and he can run for a third time.

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    so far the lowest "approval" rating for Obama is still near 50%. by FAR more popular than W, Clinton, and Reagan

    i do approve of the the job this mans done so far. he's articulate, intelligent, and sensible. hes a good example as an American president IMHO.

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    .....Obama isn't a celebrity..he's our President. Nonetheless, Obama is still cleaning up Bush's crap he left behind. He's method behind that is fine but he still hasn't made any independent decision that don't have a Bush-screwed-this-up motivated theme. When he's done with that he'll be doing things of his own accord rather than acting as the maid. Overall he's doing fine, but thats because he hasn't had the chance to seriously screw up ( I don't think he will to be real). I think he knows what he's doing

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    I still approve. He's got the ball rolling on alot of issues. And he hasn't majorly screwed up yet. So, yeah, so far so good.

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    Overall, yes. Though he has extended a few Bush policies that have bothered me.

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    Yes I do.

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    He hasn't done anything.

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    I do

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