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The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr..what this means?

can someone explain this quote to me please.

The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr. - Mohammed

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    Perhaps Mohammed is referring to the longevity of ink vs. blood.

    The scholar's ink, I believe, is reference to writing, particularly history, events, etc. Writing is a way of recording these things almost permanently.

    One really good example of this is a line from the movie A Knights Tale. Chaucer (a writer) tells his enemies, “I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity."

    Although martyrdom is a sacred act, it is not a permanent memory. Once the act is done, unless it is recorded, either by writing it (more likely!) or by word of mouth telling (not always as reliable/ long lasting as writing) it will most likely be forgotten.

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    The Ink Of The Scholar

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    What's written down is more important than giving up a physical life.

    Makes sense. We have the books that were written hundreds of years ago but I couldn't even begin to name the martyr's from the same time period.

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    this wise statement that those who are scholars or wise persons and use their scholarship to produce great writings so that others may benefit in the present as well as the future are more esteemed and more vital to the rise of truth than one who dies for the truth. Those of us who produce written words can affect people into the generations to come. We can very well live on eternally through our words.

    Also, we can touch the lives of many through our writings. This is not said to belittle the people who have died in the way of truth. Many times, historically, deaths have set off great events and revolutions, but it is more valuable to live for the truth than die for the truth. We can do a lot more for the truth in life than death.

    The mighty pen and paper have started many revolutions in this world. It was the pen writing down the words of Allah in the Qur’an that led to Arabia being revolutionized 1400 years ago. It was the reacquiring of knowledge, from the Spanish Moors Muslims, that led Europe to come out of her dark ages into her own renaissance. It was reading the works of great writers that opened up the darkened mind of the then Malcolm Little, who latter became Malcolm X, a fighter for Freedom, Justice and Equality.

    The world has been changed and renewed at one time or another by the writings of great men who have left behind great wisdom for us to study and grow from. they live through their words, and change is produced by their words. And despite they may have physically died, their minds still live on in their words bearing witness to the profound statement that: “The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr.”

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  • Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) always put heavy focus on knowledge and wisdom. Even Quran said that it was book of wisdom and people need to read it from a more scholarly approach.

    This quote, prophet wanted to say that true scholars are more valuable than warriors.

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    Other quotes from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

    -Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.

    -He who leaveth home in search of knowledge, walketh in the path of God.

    -Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave.

    - One hour's meditation on the work of the Creator is better than seventy years of prayer.

    - A person shall arrive on the Day of Judgement and shall be in possession of good deeds in the measure of vastly accumulated clouds or towering mountains. (Witnessing them) he shall ask: ‘Oh My Lord! How can these be for me when I have not performed them?’ God shall reply: ‘This is your knowledge that you had taught and conveyed to the people, and which was acted upon after you had died.’


    Source(s): Islam values education highly that a Muslim is strongly encouraged to be learning at all time.
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    It's just a matter of opinion.Choose the one you like.The quote is self explanatory..

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    It simply means that a good education is worth more than 72 virgins.


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    Not much of a follower of Mohammed.

    I'd would think his quote is backwards. That the blood of the martyr would be more sacred.

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    WHEN ITS THE BIBLE IT IS SACRED but other books arent....makes not alot of sense....cuz real martyrs knew Jesus. All scholars dont.

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