Government help yes or no?

Seeing the fuss that has been raised over the health care plan... Do you think that they should just get rid of all the government programs and see how we like paying for everything. I mean everything(police,fire,schools,libraries,health care,jails,roads and anything else the government paid for) and just use tax money to fight wars and pay military personnel..... ? Just a thought. I just wonder how many people could afford to pay for it all. I personally think that it will take a combination of the people making some effort to prevent serious issues like diabetes due to morbid obesity, heart disease, and any other preventable health issues. Tell me what you think.


@ gov. of, by and for the sheep. Yes I pay taxes... and your taxes are a shared effort among the people so that would have to go also. That means the teachers salary that is paid by every one regardless if your child attends public school would be your responsibility.

Update 2:

@everyone We all know that everyone pays Taxes... So if your answer is revolving around the fact that you pay taxes that would no longer be the case. That is a form of assistance because we all share the cost for things... So that means if the road that leads to your house needs a traffic light then it would be up to the people that live near that road to come together decide if it needs to be one there and then pay for it. That would just be the people that live in the immediate area of the road lets say a 3 mile radius. Now look up the cost to pave a 4 mile stretch of road and think of the small percentage that comes from your taxes... So from here on I will be deleting answers that revolve around taxes seeing that no one gets that they are a form of help from your government. So again we will only share the cost of paying Military and war.

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  • Mike W
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    Unless government became capable of generating revenue without taxes, then we're already paying for those things. Roads are questionable though, we pay for them, but somehow the money never gets to where it is supposed to go. Fire Departments, well according to the NVFC roughly 73% of those are Volunteer Fire Departments.

  • Anonymous
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    What we pay for a doctor visit in the U.S. is insane regardless of who pays. Sad thing is, new doctors can't even make ends meet after paying student loans.

    Outside the US, what modern nation that requires every doctor and nurse (RN, LVN) to complete a bachelors degree to enter medical training?

    They enter training out of Jr. High in most parts of Asia and graduate at 19 or 20 as a nurse, pharmacist, physicians' assistant, etc, and doctors are out by 22 to 24 years old. To us, they look like Doogie's.

    Why are we forcing such an unnecessary burden onto so critical a sector of our society?

    And we do and will pay for it either in taxes, quality, inflation or a belt of each.

    That... is the core issue. Media is only covering a diversion.

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    Study History. That is exactly what our Federal Government was meant to do. According to the Constitution the Federal Government is only responsible for the defense of the union. The individual states are responsible for those other things. The Constitution also did NOT give the Federal Government the authority to tax citizens. That authority was given to the states. There is a reason our country is called the United States of America. It was formed as a union of individual states that came together to form a union without giving up their right to govern themselves as they see fit.

  • rrm38
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    I would be absolutely thrilled if we did just as you propose and return to living by our constitution. Get the federal government out of the business of doing anything other than defending our nation and protecting our constitutional rights. Police, fire, schools, libraries, care, jails and roads are all things that should be addressed from a state level anyway. Then if I don't like the way my state is managing them I'm free to move to one I prefer without having to leave the country. As it is I'm left with no options but to leave the country or tolerate a massive, unconstitutional federal government. Great idea you've got there, reggie!

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  • ochs
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    Morality IS subjective. there is no way around it. do no longer kill. some evaluate abortion killing and a few do no longer. who's good? do no longer scouse borrow. some evaluate welfare courses and earnings taxes theft. who's good? do no longer cheat. some evaluate unequal time given on airwaves to individuals of one political social gathering cheating. who's good? kinfolk Values with each and all of the failings human beings could evaluate stable. This one is super open. kinfolk dynamics selection surprisingly and there is no way or reason to mandate them on a federal point. as an occasion, some evaluate intercourse exterior of marriage to be incorrect and a few do no longer. who's good, and how do you legislate it? do no longer lie. Even which will become a grey section. some believe a president must be impeached for mendacity approximately an affair of their own existence and a few do no longer. who's good? guy or woman morality has NO place in government. in common terms infringements upon the rights of others ought to enter the equation.

  • Government help no. Individuals invented government for certain specific purposes and outside of those extremely limited functions it ALWAYS hurts.

    100% of people not profoundly retarded know "we" already DO pay for everything - I mean EVERYTHING, including wars and military personnel. There is literally no such thing as "government money." ALL "government spending" comes from OUR WALLETS one way or another, so yes, "we" CAN pay for it all or else "it all" simply cannot BE paid for.

  • ' Do you think that they should just get rid of all the government programs and see how we like paying for everything'

    Apparently you have not noticed yet....but we ARE paying for everything through our taxes. You do pay taxes don't you?

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    Why stop at the military? Why don't we just let the rich, war-mongering republicans pay for their own mercenaries out of their own pockets?

    Socialized United States programs:

    Education K-12, some college (e.g. state schools)


    Fire Departments


    Roads/Traffic Signals/Signs


    Postal Service

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That would be hilarious.

    Could you imagine what one would say when the cops showed up to help but required payment first?

  • 1 decade ago

    Government has gotten out of control ............

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