Anyone know where I can order some .380 ACP Ammo?

Preferably someplace that has it in stock but I don't mind waiting if it doesn't take too long for it to get to me. I can't find this stuff anywhere.

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    From what I understand and was told by a gun shop owner, Winchester, Remington, Federal, S&B, and other big ammo producers quit making .380 to use equipment to increase their 9mm production. I do not know exactly what manufacturers are doing this and if this is fact at all but that is what I heard. They will not begin to make it again until the end of 09.

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    You are not alone! 380 is hard to find and when found it is expensive. The shop that I deal with still can't get it and I was told when she does that a 50 round box will sell for about $40.00.

    Some ammo is starting to show up on shelves, but 380 is still non existent. Don't know why it is so hard to find that particular round.

    I have seen some websites that sell Wolf and Bear ammo with 380, but I know nothing about that brand.

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    I always see 380 when I go in Academy, and occasionally in Walmart.

    If you live in the South East, a good place to order from is-

    BUT-they don't show any 380 or 9mm right now.

    The price on their premium ammo (Gold Dot) is unbeatable. Their target and re-load ammo is a little higher than walmart.

    You may try to find a small ammo maker in your area. Usually they make good stuff-it just doesn't have a big name on the label. And the price is usually real good.

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    Expect continued shortages. With the ammo makers in high gear trying to meet government contracts and the war in Afghanistan heating up, the companies are concentrating on filling those orders first. I lucked out and bought a box of 100 at WalMart the other day for $34. I would have bought our daily imposed limit of six if they were in stock.

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    From above answers its around for sure . Just look around at your local stores or search online.

    Walmart and Dickssportinggoods has it

    and below

    You better act quick the thousands of lurkers on this site are hovering like vultures and will buy it all in minutes.


    They show it in stock.

    Only ordered from them once and never had an issue

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    Cabela's, Bass Pro, to name a few. Wal-Mart has it here in Tulsa.

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    Order it from Plenty of vendors have it there.....

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