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Naruto Shippuuden Movie 3 Inheritors of the Will of Fire?

I just wanted to Know the basic plot of this movie, but like REALLY detailed plot from someone who has seen the movie. My favourite character is Sakura so ALOT of infomation on her would be good!! (:

Also I really want to know if Sakura and Naruto have any "moments" if you know what I mean!! :P So Yea just stuff about them basiclly!! (:

Who does Sakura Fight as well? Does Naruto save her at one point because I like that kind of lovey dovey stuff! ;P


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    okay, idk if this is true, but my friend in japan, whose seen the movie says that naruto kisses sakura!~

    i never seen the movie, but i've heard A LOT about it from my japenese friend, so i can give a pretty detailed summary.

    there's this guy, Hiruku (something like that) who was friends with the legendary sannin. he is now trying to take over the world. he wants to take kakashi's sharigan to copy other ninja's ability. he is also capturing ninjas with special bloodlines to take their bloodline.

    the hiruku guy gets ninjas from everywhere except Leaf, so everyone else is suspecting Konoha as the culprit. the land of fire orders tsunadae to solve everything or else konoha will be destroyed.

    tsunadae talks to kakashi and kakashi agrees to sacrifice himself to stop the fourth ninja war.

    and then everyone else just goes to save him and stuff...

    from the trailer and everything, it looks AWESOME. i can't wait to watch it :)

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    Kishimoto has not yet released any info on this movie. But I will do my best to find the info you seek. Ill try to keep you posted. You should also check out anime news network site ( for further information.

    anything to help a fellow naruto fan XD

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    Berserk > Naruto

    Naruto < a pile of dog turd

    Any questions?

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