Washington DC: Does anyone like it there?

I have a job offer for Washington but I've been getting night and day responses from people who live there. What do you like or hate about the DC Metro area and would it be a good move as a single parent of a middle schooler? The schools there seem terrible from what I've been reading.

So far, I've found an ok place near Severn, Maryland. Does anyone know this area and is it too far to commute into Washington DC which is where my job will be?


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    Okay..you've gotten a couple of good answers so far, but you need to weigh a couple of factors. Where in DC is your job actually going to be located. That as well as your budget for cost of living will make a HUGE impact on hwre you would like to live. So first let me address Severn.

    I am sure you looked at this area because it is "cheaper" than some other areas. Not to disuade you, but it is the location of a couple of detention centers (prisons), so property values are not what they could be. It is also one of the host areas for the National Security Agency...Laurel is on the other side as well as a little town called Odenton. They are not what I would call great areas fro someone new to the area. After you have been here for awahile, your attitude may change, but the commute from that area (down the BW Parkway...295) is not the most fun in the area.

    As both have mentioned, you should probaly look in Arlington, Fairfax (VA) or Montgomery (MD) counties in the area for the best schools and a somewhat easier commute. I will warn you that Fairfax County is the richest county in the nation and you do get what you pay for. Easy access to metro and some of the best schools in the country. It also has one of the highest costs of living. However, can you put a price on the your peice of mind as a single parent for your safety and convenience?

    Source(s): I lived in Laurel many years ago and currently live in Fairfax County.....LOVE it!
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    Severn may not be the place for you since you have a middle schooler. Anne Arundel County schools are not very good. Check out Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville on the Maryland side and Fairfax, Reston, Arlington and such in Northern Virginia. Schools are much better and the communities are very safe and secure.

    You may pay a bit more for housing, but other expenses are pretty much equal.

    Maryland's Gaithersburg is very close to Metro. It's about 40 minutes downtown. If your job is near the red line, you are set. If not, you can change at Metro Center.

    Anyway, the advantages to living in the suburbs far outweigh the disadvantage of the longer commute.

    Source(s): Live here.
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    I like it, but I've lived here since birth. Yes, the traffic sucks and the cost of living is high. However, if you can get past that, you can see how awesome it is to have so much in your back yard. Museums, monuments, theatre, historical sites, etc. are awesome. Schools are some of the best in the country (especially Fairfax county). Between the monuments and the cherry blossoms, I actually think DC is one of the prettiest cities. Your best bet for commuting is to be somewhere near a metro or commuter bus line. We also have vanpools and public transportation incentives at some jobs. Personally, I like Virginia a lot better than Maryland, but that seems to be a personal choice. Good luck!

  • Since the traffic does suck out loud and in stereo, I suggest you find a home near a Metro station and/or one that doesn't involve a long, long commute. If your job is in DC, Severn is going to be a long commute. And driving in the city is not fun at ALL.

    No matter where you live in the area, it's going to be expensive. That's one of the things I hate.

    I don't have children, so you'll have to find other resources for determining how good a school is.

    However, there are tons of museums and monuments, and many are free.

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    You've heard some incorrect information about the public schools. In DC itself, many of the public schools are terrible (although serious work is underway to improve them). In the suburbs, though, you'll find some of the best public schools in the nation, in places such as Montgomery County, Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax Counties. In Prince George County (Maryland), the situation is mixed: there are some excellent schools and some so-so schools. It's possible to use the Internet to look at the performance of individual schools, just google the county's name and "public schools" and you'll find out how each school does on the standardized performance tests.

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    I think a lot of what I like about DC would be negated if I lived in a far out suburb. I like visits to the museums and parks, being able to walk everywhere, and I dislike driving. I hear from a lot of coworkers who live further out that they just don't come into DC with their families and IMO if you want to live in a suburb (and stay in that suburb most of the time) there are far cheaper places than the DC suburbs to do that.

    If your job is in downtown DC you should consider whether you want to spend an hour or more commuting each way which is what you're looking at with most of the exurbs. It's a huge time suck and may take more time away from your child than you'd like.

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    Washington DC is technically Washington, District of Columbia, but it isn't called as either Washington D.C. or D.C., as it is the sole city in the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia isn't part of any state, but it is a federal district that borders Maryland to the north, east and west and borders Virginia to the south. The White House, and most other federal government buildings (other than regional offices), are located in Washington D.C.

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    I spent most of my education in Montgomery County-and...I don't care for it. Yes supposedly it's the best but...the teachers DO NOT HELP YOU. They said I should settle for my GED,because I was having trouble learning....Albert Einsten High School in Kensington was where I went and...they only care for the honor students, so if you have trouble, do not expect them to help you.

    I graduated with a PG county high school-and they helped me more than any Mont. Co school has ever helped me.

    There are a lot of things not learned in PG as much as MC. I guess this is because the students aren't as smart in PG. I don't know.

    Anyway, well I've never been to DC but the schools in Baltimore suck. Lowest test scores.

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    Northern Va has the best schools and so does Md's Montgomery county. DC is a nice place to be and a great place to live if you can afford a nice area.

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