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請幫忙翻譯成英文. 在競爭的國際企業環境中...謝謝.








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    Hello Dear Guest :

    For international enterprises in a competitive environment, organizations need to take into account product quality, product cost, customer service, continuous improvement to be upgraded.

    Facing the customers high expectations of product quality, you ready?

    Customer product requirements for the additional price, you can achieve the requirements?

    States began to refer to a variety of products to develop standards and test programs, calibration verification has become an indispensable basis for the norms.

    View product features at any time to maximize the effectiveness of, access to the latest information, all-round development of the product.

    As a professional field of optoelectronic we will provide more value-added professional services to meet customer needs and expectations.

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    The dear customer hello In the competition international enterprise environment, the enterprise organizes essential to take into consideration the product quality, the product cost, the customer service, improves continually promotes. Faced with the customer to the product quality's high anticipation, you have prepared? Regarding the customer to the product request's value added that you may meet the requirements? Various countries start to each kind of product making reference standard and the test program, the adjustment confirmation have become the indispensable standard basis. Momentarily the inspection product functionality displays the biggest effectiveness, grasps the most recent information, causes the product omni-directional development. The body for specialized electro-optical domain's we, will provide has the value added the professional service, satisfies the customer the demand and the expectation.  (線翻的)

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