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Cute Makeup Looks For Middle/High School Looks.?

Im looking for some cute makeup looks,ive got green/blue/Hazel looking eyes,with black hair if that helps,I don't want to much makeup.

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    hmm going back in the fall you want to look like you just stepped off a beach right? id say go with branzer and some light pink blush on your cheeks and my all time favorite dior show mascara it will make your lashes look long and beautiful, your eyes will get noticed and its not alot of make up.. add some clear lip gloss if you want some shine :)

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    Tinted moisturizer

    Bourjois Powder eyeshadow in Amber Nude

    Revlon Luxurious Eyeliner in Sueded Brown / Revlon Colour stay in Blackbrown / Rimmel eyeliner in Rock Chick / Bourjois duochrome eyeliner in Vert Dore

    Bourjois blusher in Rose Frission (apricot pink)

    Revlon Liptint in Berry / Covergirl Lip stain

    Covergirl Professional Mascara in Curved Brush (black )

    Loreal Gentle eye & Lip Make-up remover for Eyes & Lips(waterproof)

    Neutrogena Towelletes ( to remove the make-up afterwards)

    Cleanse , tone & moisturize

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    the only look that looks good and won't give you a bad rep is natural/glow look (because a lot of girls get bad reps from parents for too much make-up and then they think they're sluts and trashy)

    put on moisturizer, foundation, power : for your base

    then you can put on a creme blush, shine (to give you a dewy look & glow) and mascara to top it off. use eyeliner if you want but only VERY LITTLE and not thick.

    make sure you clean your face good every day though because you don't want to cause yourself breakouts by leaving your makeup on.

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    well if you have hazel green eyes you should try eye shadows that will complement your eye color and i heard their is this new mascara that highlights the color of your eyes so check that out!greens, light browns,light pink eye shadows would be good and mascara and eyeliner but don't over do it don't do foundation cause it doesn't really do anything good for your skin!

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    get silver eyeliner and eyeshadow! it works with pretty much any outfit! also i have blue eyes and i like to wear purple eyeliner on my top lid covered with eitherpurple or silver eyeshadow! and with all my makeup looks i line my inner bottom lid with black eye liner and use mascara!

    hopes this helps!

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    no preps don't suck. if you really want the preppy look it's not really going to be at abercrombie or hollister if you don't know how to look. preppy is seersucker, polka dots, ribbon belts, polos. you can get your base pieces at abercrombie and then dress them up with accessories like headbands, and especially if you have uniforms. also pearls (don't have to be real) or the chunky bracelets are good too. hope this helps :)

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    go to youtube there are lots of makeup artists there who do looks that will suit you and you can see how they apply the makeup aswell.


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    black or brown eyeliner, mascara, and a little bit of light beige eyesshadow.

    simple and pretty.

    hope this helped!

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    Mascara and some lip gloss.

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    black eyeliner pink lip gloss nude eyeshadow and black mascara!!

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