Will you be willing to pay health insurance out of pocket?

reading some of the answers on here I find that those opposed to the current health care reform see those who are in favor of it as free loaders who need to get a job.

Many companies are close to no longer offering health insurance do to the cost involved. All it will take is a few big employers like Proctor and Gamble, or General Electric to stop offering health benefits and everyone else will follow along. Then you will be able to shop for your own insurance. Many of you think great this will bring competition. Sorry to disapoint you, but they will all price insurance like gasoline, within a few pennies of each other. You can continue paying thirty dollars a week, but your deductible will be around twenty thousand dollars, and doctor visits will not be covered. if you want everything covered like you had with your employer be ready to pay well over a thousand per month.

So it has nothing to do with people wanting something for nothing. Do some research and you will find liberals generally have more education and better paying jobs than conservatives.


Bush lied - I don't like seeing the ER tied up for trivial matter either. But does it really cost over a thousand dollars for an ER visit. Insurance pays a lot less to the hospital and doctors than what they bill self pays.

Update 2:

Dar - a favor a one payer system. It has been proven if we took the money spent last year per capita on health care, adjusting for price increases we could pay medical care for everyone along with their prescriptions, and have money left over.

Update 3:

Jw - where did I say anything about free health care? I may use phrases like Universal health care or One Payer Health care. Non of these programs are free. I think that your sources of information may be telling you that Liberals want to give everyone free health care. Liberals love the word Free! When it comes to insurance companies they have a fiducary responsibility to the shareholders, to maximize profits anyway they can within the confines of the law. Morals and ethics do not apply only the rule of law.

Update 4:

Jw. I was not referring to the particular bill in congress right now. I am looking ahead using information from very good sources to how most companies are viewing how much they can save ie add to their profits by not offering health care. The vast majority of people agree reform is needed. We have known this for some time. Taking our time equals drag it out long enough and people will get fed up and then give up. Insurance companies know exacty what your spending habbits are. and exactly how much you are willing to pay

Update 5:

Me - I was using those companies as examples. Since they are employ a large number of people, but if cost keep rising for health insurance companies will start cutting benefits.

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  • Pascha
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    I'd rather pay out of pocket for ordinary doctors visits than pay any insurance to pay for it or part of it.

    We should have more walk in offices staffed mostly by nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants where people can go for minor emergencies and don't have to wait and don't have to deal with insurance.

    Insurance should be for catastrophic risks, but insurance companies don't like to take on risks like that. That's why they prefer "insurance" which is really a prepayment plan for not so serious health matters.

    I think there is a role for government in taking on catastrophic risks.

    Reform is certainly needed when our cost oif health care is 16.6% of GDP. We need to get it down to a more reasonable level. But given the vested interests, that would be the most difficult part of any reform.

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    What people like you do not understand is that "free" health care would cost more than private insurance. The tax increases for UHC would be huge across the board. Don't believe me? Canada promised that the gas tax would cover it forever. Now, that gas tax is almost double and they have nearly 20% sales tax between national and provincial, and their payroll taxes are high, too. That is how it goes in EVERY country that goes to national health care.

    If people like you did not want the Cadillac of insurance, then we could drop the insurance companies to their knees. If everyone realized that for almost everyone, it is better to have a high deductible and a medical savings account than a low deductible.

    For example, the fact that I have a $5000 deductible rather than a $500 deductible saves me almost $12000/year in premiums. I have a health savings account that I have built more than enough for my deductible in and my premiums for my whole family is $125. If you think that every tax payer in the country would not see more than $125 in higher taxes, you are delusional. I am not referring to those who currently pay no income tax. They would likely see other taxes raise, and most are already covered by SCHIP, Medicare, Medicaid or some form of government care already.

    If everyone in America who is fairly healthy dropped their low deductible insurance, claims would be almost nothing and insurance companies would drop their rates across the board in an attempt to keep a few insuring with lower deductibles. Insurance companies do not make their money on the sick. They lose money on the sick. They make their money on people who pay for low deductible insurance and never get sick.

    King...actually every state has an insurance board which regulates those kind of actions, but only reacts to claims by citizens because they cannot possibly monitor all insurance claims. The problem is that nobody knows about the insurance boards.

    ADDED: Granted, YOU did not say anything about free. However, your information proves that you have not read the house bill. If you had, you would not be so misinformed about it.

    Carl Marx...You have NOT read the bill. You have also not been listening. There are about 50 provisions in the bill that ANYONE who has read it would be opposed to. Funny how EVERY radical liberal that I have convinced to read the first 50 pages has finished it and are radically opposed to it.

    ADDED II: I agree that our system has problems. The problem is that that our federal government is not the answer. That is like taking it out of the hands of the corrupt and putting it in the hands of the HUGELY corrupt and MASSIVELY wasteful. We do not need to go from bad to worse. The public could reform health care by being good consumers...and it would not take much. If everyone who is relatively healthy would make the VERY WISE decision to get high deductible insurance and a health savings account. Claims would drop to almost nothing, so insurance rates would drop for that reason and to get a few to take the lower deductible. ANYONE who is relatively healthy and has a low deductible insurance is THROWING AWAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. If you want more specific details, email me.

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    Apparently you and some other people don't realize that you will be paying monthly premiums for the new insurance plan the government is proposing. It says so in black and white. It doesn't say how much, but it will supposedly be "affordable", whatever that means to the fat cats on Capitol Hill.

    I've read the bill; it's a sham. The bill proposes that taxpayers pay for travel and other expenses the "committees" will need amongst many, many other things. Now, it doesn't specifically say taxpayers will be paying for those things, it says those expenses will be covered. It conveniently left taxpayers out of it, but we all know who will be footing the bill for these medical experts to go here, there, and everywhere to discuss claims and other things attached to this insurance.

    I don't care what other people are saying about it, or why they are opposing it, but if someone opposes it for whatever reason it is the right thing to do.

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    Right on. Insurance is crippling to small business right now.

    It's so disingenuous all the BS coming from the GOP about the cost to business, when this plan will really only effect companies that DO NOT provide coverage now. Companies that provide coverage now won't be effected in any real way.....unless they are small, in which case they are going to get a HUGE boost, via discounts in the rates.

    Really, the only businesses being protected are Big Insurers, and it's their profits, not their employee benefits that are effected.

    The problem is that Republicans can't really fight this health care reform with rational arguments.....the actual changes make TOO MUCH SENSE. So, they use FUD....fear, uncertainty and doubt....scare tactics ('kill grandma', 'freeloaders', etc).....sad.

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  • DAR
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    Have you even read the plan? It will give incentives to employers not to offer health insurance. Meanwhile it mandates we enrich insurance companies by having all 300 million of us buy their products. If Obamacare passes not only will we be buying ins out of our own pockets, like it or not, it will be a policy Obama wants, not one we want, because they will all have to be 'qualified plans'.

    And when I say one he wants, I certainly don't mean he'd be using his own plan.

    and bush, ER use won't go down, it may go up. It did in Massachusetts.


    King, you mean the way the government now wants to cut the medicare fund it mismanaged to insolvency by half a trillion dollars and drop care entitlement to a 'cost effective standard' when the baby boomers have paid in premiums all their working lives and are now old enough to need care? How is what you describe different? And at least you can sue your insurance company.

  • ME
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    Well I'm on Masshealth(Massachusetts state health program), which sucks. My brother inlaw gets his health insurance from GE and it is pretty good. I never heard him say anything about GE dumping there employer program though. Maybe you are just hearing rumors.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'll keep my current health care plan. I'm just tired of paying ER bills for all the uninsured who have to use it for a cold.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Watch these macho boys cry like babies when the find out their insurance company denies their claims because of something as trivial as acne treatment 20 years earlier, leaving them to die in writhing pain. Its callled KARMA

  • 1 decade ago

    I all ready am. And for a butt load of illegals.

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