Why do people like Radiohead?

I have some friends who like them and I want to know why people like them without insulting my friends. I mean the singers voice is really squeaky and he just holds notes for really long, there is no rhythm to it and you can't understand anything he says. All the music sounds like random notes, and the drum beats just keep repeating. Honestly, it seems to me like someone just layed down a bass track or whatever, and then just played random stuff over it. Why are they so popular? Every song sounds the same.

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    Well, you seem to have a very narrow view of one of the greatest group of musicians of the twentieth century.

    Let me start of by saying, Thom Yorke and the other members of Radiohead try really hard to NOT entertain anyone. Rather they do what they want and move on. They are artists.

    Now I don't just like Radiohead, I love them. You certainly cannot understand them by just searching for their songs on itunes. They are far more complex than that. And I assure you, if you dig deeper, much deeper you will be surprised. That is, if you are in your right mind. Don't begin to judge them on some of their electronic stuff, although Kid A was an absolutely brilliant album.

    Are Thom Yorke's vocals whiny? Yes they are. The man has been through much in his lifetime, and his voice is aging. That's something I just accept. If you want to hear his beautiful voice, go back to the mid 90s. But that isn't why I absolutely love them.

    May I please ask what it is you are listening to that you describe to be constant whiny notes, no rhythm, and bass tracks? Simple, listen to something else. When you said, "It all sounds the same", I became absolutely certain you haven't the slightest clue how big Radiohead is (in talent and variety not in fame).

    Start of with the album "The Bends". That was one of their first breakthroughs. "Pablo Honey" has only two ok songs, "You" and "Stop Whispering". Notice how I didn't mention "Creep". Creep is one of the most hated Radiohead songs among all the fans, because it was alright at first(as an early song), but then just turned into mainstream junk that attempted to define Radiohead. To some people, they actually fell for it. And even more amazingly, people today still fall for it. Anyway, The Bends isn't very experimental. It is still very different, however. I think it was a beautiful album. Check out "High and Dry", "Fake Plastic Trees", and "Street Spirit". Hopefully that will start you off.


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    Next lets go to Ok Computer. I personally find this album to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever owned to the point where I will break down in tears. I love it all. But, for starters, you'll probably find "Airbag", "Karma Police", and "No Surprises" to be good. However please don't ignore "Let Down" (my favorite song if you picture it's meaning in your head), "Paranoid Android" (a modern day, three part masterpiece), and "The Tourist" (a slow, but brilliant song to wrap up the album). Ok Computer makes me cry because it sums up all of the misery, loneliness, and alienation of living in a technologically advanced society. And it does it in a very musically pleasing, imagery provoking way.

    Now finally, this is when you really need to think in order to listen, we have the album "Kid A". Kid A is a piece of music dropped from either the gods or some advance alien race. If you are simple minded, you won't even begin to understand. But I assure you that this album is brilliant from start to finish. Sorry, but I just don't feel like explaining it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkzmyarSNzQ

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    After Kid A, there's "Amnesiac", "Hail To the Thief", and "In Rainbows". I don't want to explain those albums, because you haven't even gotten started.

    The members of Radiohead are some of the most reasonable, and respectable musicians that belong to a contemporary musical band. They are all very smart, very creative, and see the world in a very beautiful way, which is shown through their music. They don't act like idiots to impress people. They're always sober. They are true to themselves and never stop experimenting and moving on. Let me demolish your comment about how, "everything sounds the same." Listen to the b-side "Maquiladora". It was a 90s rock song. Ok, now listen to the song "Backdrifts". You see you probably have heard several Radiohead songs, but never even stopped to imagine that they would be the same band. Radiohead is well known for their evolution. They have evolved more than ANY other band out there. You show me another band and I will reconsider. But until then, I swear that they have evolved more than you are able to understand right now.


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    Radiohead is for people who like music. I mean MUSIC. They are also for those who like quality art and have respect for people who think. When Thom Yorke got sick of the Rock and Roll scene, he told an interviewer, "God help us if we're a rock band. Because even the idea of being a rock band is a nightmare." He also said, "******* rock music sucks man, I hate it. I'm just so ******* bored of it. I'm learning to play piano now." You see, your not dealing with your average band here. Your dealing with very liberal minded geniuses.

    Their albums are meant to be listened from start to finish, not to have tracks pulled off and put on your ipod. If you don't understand them, then too bad for you. I can't take responsibility for your lack of exposure.

    Radiohead are musicians. They are brilliant musicians. They are artists. They are very innovative and creative to the point where people can't even recognize their work. They move on with every album. They have enough hidden gem songs (b-sides), that if they decided to just take them and sell them to some other arbitrary band, that band would release them and make millions instantly.


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    It's time you stop being so simple minded and right winged in the music scene and start appreciating real art and music. Go exploring and then comeback a new man. You will look back at your old self and laugh.


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    I Love Radiohead

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    7 years ago

    That's exactly what I heard when I listened to Radiohead before! My sister used to listen to them (not anymore) and I used to ask her why she liked them, I said that they were just random sounds. Just noise, I said. But then, a friend of mine got me into them, and I fell in love with that "random noise". That's what's brilliant. Of course, It isn't "just random noise". I think that if you get the idea that music has to follow a predictable patter and rythim out of your head, they'll stop sounding terrible. Thom expresses himself without much thought. At least that's what I sense from seeing him perform. His voice is free.

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    They make me feel a certain emotion that I can't even explain.

    I can feel their music.

    They have a good amount of variety as well.

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    1 decade ago

    A lot of people that like radiohead enjoy them most when they're high..simply because it sounds amazing in that different state of mind.

    The lyrics are actually really deep.

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    They're so Amazing...try 2 taste them a little bit...thier lyrics r so meaningful..and 4 ur info Thom York (the singer) joined the list of best singers of all time..he took 16th place...2 me Thom is a senstive and talented singer that sings frm heart.

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    Again not fare at all "Everything in its Right Place" "Bodysnatchers" "Bones" "Creep" "Fake Plastic Trees" "House of Cards" "Idioteque" "Karma Police" "Let Down" "Paranoid Android" "Talk Show Host" *Incredibly hard to pick just one great job though*

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    I've just woke up... But did that guy just say that Radiohead songs all sound the same?

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    I can't explain why the whole Radiohead fan base likes them. That is merely impossible to accomplish accurately.

    However, I can say that I enjoy their music, just because they sound good to me.

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    I don't like them even though I have one of their albums. I think that they are an acquired taste, and that is one of their appeals. Since I like other stuff that no body else does, I can skip a few.

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    They just bore the hell out of me.

    Hey, asshole with the speech, I got two words for ya, and they aren't "Thank you." Well, one of the words is "you..."

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