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What are my chances of getting into MIT?

I am a senior in high school and I wanted to know what my chances of getting into MIT are if my SAT scores are lower than what they are looking for.

SAT score: 1200/1600

GPA: 3.8

I have taken as many AP classes as possible (physics, chem, bio, us history, english, government, stats, and calc)

I am on track for getting a distinguished scholar diploma.

I am in the National Honors Society and a few other clubs.

I play tennis.

I have a feeling my chances are pretty low because my SAT scores are low. What do you think? 25%? 50%?


I just wanted to know my chances. They contacted me but I have no idea why. I haven't sent anything to them or joined their mailing list. I have an interview but I don't know if it is worth driving the 8 hours for it.

I plan on going to University of Michigan or University of Maryland for Aerospace Engineering. Both of which are in the top 10 for that field of engineering.

My SAT scores are still pretty low to get into those schools also. What do you think my chances are in those two schools?

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    I'm sorry to say this but to be brutally honest you have almost no chance of getting in. You would be a complete statistical outlier. This is their statistics for their freshmen academic profile:

    Critical Reading Middle 50%: 660 - 760

    Math Middle 50%: 720 - 800

    Writing Middle 50%: 660 - 750

    This means at least 25% of the students got an 800 on their math portion of the SAT. And 75% got at least a 1380/1600. To be honest, the people with only a 1380 or less likely had something extraordinary about them that set them apart from others. Perhaps they won some highly prestigious competition or award or they are even something crazy like an Olympic athlete.

    I highly recommend you apply somewhere that is much safer. If you're really are set on MIT then work hard in college and try to make connections with people at MIT and hopefully someday you could attend grad school there.

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    It depends on your age. If you are a senior, it will be harder to get in. As a junior, your chances are very high. What do you know, looks like more than 1 person wants to get into MIT! Well I'm only in middle school and my family has a huge legacy there, so I think I have a decent chance of getting in (I'm recognized by developers at Sun Microsystems, and speak C++, HTML, some JavaScript, Python and Basic). So yea... Good luck! You said you were in some sort of Intel contest.. Just wondering what this is cuz I am looking for any competition in the computer programming/ design world.

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    Sorry but your SAT's are probably too low. You can get into a very good school but MIT is probably out of your reach. But dude, don't despair. I've hard a long & successful career & never once did anybody ever give a damn about where I went to college. It usually doesn't mean all that much.

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    Your SAT scores are pretty low, despite a tough academic schedule. Your chances probably aren't very good.

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    25% there's about a dozen of you in every high school in America.

    Something needs to stand out, such as an internship, impacting volunteer work, science fair/math competition awards, or a perfect SAT.

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    I'll go for 10%

    and thats just because the GPA

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    rather low i think. there have been kids at my school who were practically geniuses that didn't get in. they had near perfect gpa's and SAT scores.

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    Not to be overly discouraging but probably 0-3%.......

    Not hating

  • 1 decade ago really depends on whether or not your highschool is legit. 3.8 doesnt mean a thing anymore. your sat blows. retake it.

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