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OK im 13 years old GIRLS please HELP?

Ok I know what sex is and everything but I want somone elses opinon on how to do im just curious and dont worry im not going to do i just want to get my facts straight and im NOT too young im turning 14 in 3 months!! Please answer!!!

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    -face palm-

    If you mean you want to do it, 14 is still young 15 IS THE MINIMAL age in my opinion. I am 16 however, almost 17 and I'm still a virgin

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    Ok. Congrats, you're turning 14.

    That's 1 year after you're a teen, 2 years after you're a pre-teen, 1 year until you start thinking 1/10 responsibly, 2 years until you can drive and people start looking at you like a real person, 3 years until you worry about college, 4 years until you become an adult an people think you're become more ignorant, and 7 years until you can "legally" become an alcoholic.


    What does that have to do with your sexual maturity?

    If you have to ask a question like this -- then no, you're not old enough for sex.

    At this age you should know the male and female reproductive systems inside out, as well as pregnancy terms, symptoms, and related issues, as well as everything ever argued about or discovered about sexual activities.

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    you NEED to find a good person. it IS REALLY important, because they may spread that your a slut (for being 14, as it is illegal) and you MAY regret it the rest of your life. if it is same sex, no pregnancy. but contraception doesn't equal a protection against STD's and STI's.

    if you want to not use contraception, then you have to find someone that doesn't have any sexual health issues or a virgin. pregnancy can happen your first time, and on your period, ect. now down to the sex. in sex, their is only one way to get pregnant directly : vaginal intercourse. oral, mammary, anal, ect cannot get you pregnant(directly) but it can give you STD's and STI's. the only for of contraception that blocks STD's and STI's, and pregnancy, is the condom. on a male. once you man of your choice has his junk wrapped,(or same sex, a dildo with a condom as it might be unclean, or no contraception) choose what you wanna do. if vaginal, it may hurt like a ************. because, your hymen (if not already broken) will break, and it will hurt, and you will bleed (a little). a way to losen things up is to do gymnastics, ride horses, masturbate vaginally, stuff like that. if you just keep going, (sex) it will hurt less and less. if you want to keep your hymen in tact, do other forms of sex. hand job are a good way to start, as they are not in contact with anything but the hands, and you cant get preggo. (unless you rub the semen all over you hole) after your done, clean up, if he came inside you, douche, and take a good bath. mention this TO NO ONE, and don't act all weird after words. if you are catholic(or other religion that bans contraception, as i am catholic,) make him pull out, but the is still a chance you can get pregnant, as pre-cuum (it censors ***) can still get you preggo. contraception and abortion are way different. abortion is when you terminate at any stage once the sperm and egg have joined. contraception prevents the sperm and egg from joining. minors have reproductive rights, so you can birth control from planned parent hood (or other places) with out your parents knowing. if you have any questions, email me

    i am only 12, but i love medicine. hope this helps, and dont doubt it one minute.

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    You are far too young to be concerned with sex. Please consider what sex is for in life and educate yourself on its true meaning and purpose. It's not entirely about pleasure. It is about creating new life within a union of marriage and not meant to be performed outside of that. Do not let the world pressure you into it. It's a gift to give to your future spouse.

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    God damn!!!!!!! thats too young! and thats coming from a 13 year old! Wait till your ATLEAST 16 you don't wanna possibly have the condom break and you be a pregnant 14 year old like my friend now do you? Edit:fine thumbs me down but every girl i've known whos 14 and had s*x has gotten pregnant....you need to wait till your 16 and can get bc because youre having it....i'm 13 just remember that i'm no adult preaching to you or some bs

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    people just calm down she just wants to know,

    she aint gonna do it err anything i hope!

    but the dudes penis goes into a girl vagina ,

    and they make it pleasurfull.

    sometimes adding other stuff..

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    this 8===D goes in this (0)

    Source(s): haha i like how in this section everyones like dont even think about sex until ur married but in mens health they r like i lost it at 14 i dont regret anything (someone even censored sex haha)
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    sexual intercoarse is when the penis is inserted into the vagina.

    without pertection you're risking STDs or pregnancy hope this helped?

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    Its when a man puts his "thing" in a girl's vagina...and they do "stuff"...

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    you get a condom you put it on his "stick"he goes down there and goes to town and you moan and your done but you allways b safe

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