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What kind of careers require minimal schooling?

I'm looking for something I would enjoy doing, but something that wouldn't take 4-12 years to do. As it is, I am going on 21 and I still haven't picked something to do, but I am in need of ideas.

I know that Medical Transcriptionist's can do about 1 year of schooling and make between $35k - $45k a year. I also know that you can learn to do real estate for cheap with minimal schooling. What are some other things that I could start doing rather soon? Any help is going to go far, thanks guys!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    35k-45k would be for a senior position with medical transcription. Starting off you'll hardly be making half as much. As for real estate - good luck with that. About two thirds end up quitting because after all that's said and done they aren't even pulling in minimum wage. Just understand that low entry barriers attract more people, pulling supply way up, resulting in less pay available.

    Right now the best way to earn money and have a career is to enlist in the military. They'll pay you to train in a vocation and you'll have a career. Try to get a vocational trade area that is transferable to civilian life such as computer science, electronics, engineering, etc. Recent bills this year make it even easier to get extra money to pay for college should you decide to do that. In 20 years you have a full pension, and you'll be eligible to have priority with government administrative jobs thereafter that pay 60k+. With a full pension plus a 60k+ job in your 40s you'll have a comfortable life and be well cultured.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Well, I have to say, any science related field requires fair bit of math. Astronomy: would require high end mathematics. Biology: depends on what you want to do but you would at least have to have knowledge of calculus and statistics. Well, some careers you wont be using complicated equations but math is fundamentals to understand the basics of the sicence.

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  • 1 decade ago

    look into becoming an airplane pilot (seriously) . takes awhile to make the big money, but the sky's the limit. haha...

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