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Need wedding gift ideas for parents...?

I need some budget friendly gift ideas for the parents for our wedding. Nothing too cheesy would be great.

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    I think taking each couple of parents out to a really nice dinner would be a simple and classy gift. You should also write personal cards to each one of them, thanking them for the specific ways they helped out. Or, you could take the moms out for a day at the spa and your husband could take the dads out for a nice day of golf, or to a sporting event they both like. Material gifts are nice, but I think spending quality time with them is even more important.

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    * A romantic weekend getaway

    * Take them out to a nice dinner

    * A special wedding album

    * Favourite hobby items

    I have a wedding planning book and these are some ideas listed in there for Gifts for the Parents

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    get them a scrap book - check out for cool ideas and supplies.

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