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Need new music for a REALLY long bus trip!?

Okay, so tomorrow I'm going on a 9 hour bus ride, and I've been thinking I really need new music to listen to for this 9 hours.

I tend to listen to things like Alesana, Alexisonfire, All Time Low, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Barlow Girl (yes I know that seems weird, but they're good!) Bless the Fall, Billy Talent, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Cobra Starship, Counting Crows, Daft Punk, A Day to Remember, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Entwine, Escape the Fate, Evanescence, The Exies, Eyes Set to Kill, Faber Drive, Fall Out Boy, Flyleaf, Imogen Heap, In Flames, Incubus, Inner, Innerpartysystem, Jason Mraz, Korn, Linkin Park, The Mars Volta, Mayday Parade, MSI,Panic! at the Disco, Papa Roach, Paramore, Red, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Rise Against, Roisin Murphy, Shiny Toy Guns, Skillet, a Skylit Drive, Slipknot, Smile Empty Soul, Story of the Year, System of a Down, Three Days Grace, Tool, Trapt, the Used. Thats just to give you an idea. Thats not even half the bands on my iPod. But yeah, stuff like that would be awesome. Please name actual songs, not just bands.

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    Bring me the horizon(Chelsea smile, Diamonds arent forever)

    The offspring(The kids arent alright, My friends girlfriend, Your getting far kid)

    the deftones-( Rx queen)

    Muse. (take a bow, supermassive black hole, Knights of cydonia)

    The devil wears prada(Still fly, Louder than thunder)

    , Filter,(Whats next)

    Hole(doll parts, celebrity skin)

    Kings of leon(sex on fire)

    Sick puppies( My world, All the same)

    Soundgarden(black hole sun)

    Yeah yeah yeahs(zero, maps, gold lion)

    Smashing pumkins(The beggining is the end is the beggining)


    Massive Attack(Angel, Teardrop)

    Gorillaz(Feel Good Inc,sunshine)

    Atom smash(Sacrifice)

    Bullet for my valentine( scream aim fire, waking the demon, tears dont fall)

    Orgy(Hell in your eyes, Opticon)

    3OH!3(Dont trust me)

    Carolina liar(show me what im looking for)

    In this moment(beautiful tragedy)

    Nine inch nails( The hand that feeds, the day the whole world went away, Closer)

    Rob zombie(Living dead girl, More human than human)

    Tickle me pink(Typical)

    Jimi hendrix( voodo child blues, fire, all along the watchtower)

    Rage against the machine(sleep now in the fire)

    jeffree star(eyelash curlers, and butcher knives, cupcakes taste like violence, Prisoner, Plastic Surgery Slumber Party)

    Underoath( Some seek forgivness others escape, Im content with losing)

    Afi(Miss murder, Love like winter, But home is nowhere)

    Btw u have great i mean great sense of music


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  • I must say, I love the fact that these are alphabetized.

    I like Dave Smallen, I think you might like him, too.

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    2.Ready Set Go


    4.Rescue Me

    5.Break Away(this one rocks!


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    some nirvana, slipknot, beatles, icp, zeppelin, floyd, device, rage, white stripes, the doorways, jethro, skynyrd, steppenwolf, the who and george thorogood. Ah, **** george thorogood.

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    Anything on there ^

    I already have some of those bands but maybe you can find some bands that you dont have on here...

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