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Do you think it is "un-American" to stand up an loudly express your opposition any of Obama's proposals?


If you did this, would it be right for your President to accuse you of being part of an organized MOB?

Update 2:

It seems that when Obama wants to silence his opposition he will ridicule and insult and then direct his thugs to show force in an effort to intimidate.

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    NO it is not un-American if we are Americans. (Here the hyphenations is destroying America, There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.

    And then there are just Americans.)

    The Gestapo and Stalin, Castro Chavez, and Pol Pot, Hussein.... all dictators use the same: You Comrades are against the people. They never use the connections to them in person. Obama formulates (or his TelePrompTers) the language from Marx and Lenin books.

    Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega has employed neighborhood committees called Citizens Power Councils, or CPCs, used by his corrupt Sandinista party to spy on citizens, intimidate and torture them.

    Source(s): Union "Fat Cat" Bosses pay themselves more: Rounding out the top five Union Bosses making themselves richer off the largest unions (in 2004) are President Douglas McCarron of Carpenters and Joiners of America whose gross salary was $348,923 and AFSCME President Gerald McEntee's $316,916. Lastly, John Sweeney of the AFL-CIO took from union members $247,500. It is an outrage that Union Presidents on average (2004) make 6 to 15X what the average union worker made in that same year. President Douglas Dority (old news from 2004) of the United Commercial and Foods of the Twenty Largest unions waged a pernicious 141 day strike and lockout affecting 59,000 Safeway Employees in Southern California took a huge slice of members’ dues with a gross salary of $633,793. Union's Knock Dority's Gross Salary down to $329,000 a year plus retirement benefits and accrued vacation still this hardship comes off the backs hardworking union members
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    Wow... I've been listening to Rush Limbaugh just to see what the opposition might be saying but let me tell you... he acts as if he were possessed or something. It's not healthy at all to indulge yourself or even give a listening ear to this out of control, hypocritical radio personality. (Aside from him really feeling slighted to see a Black man president I think his ratings are very important. (stir up a little emotion - it's good for the ratings) There are quite a few people that carry those same sentiments and we don't know who they are until they say so... some are blatant and some are more discreet... maybe voting down his stimulus package will be the way they accomplish their goal. What ever happened to people proudly supporting and defending this country and our way of life. This is America... you don't have to like the President but there's a certain amount of respect that should be given to the position. "The President of the United States" Come on people we all need OUR President to succeed. O, "stand strong" means to stand firm in your beliefs.

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    WOW! Timothy Hanley's response was one of the most racist things I've ever seen on YA. And he has the audacity to claim he's NOT a racist, while proceeding to then spew something straight out of "The Turner Diaries".

    I think it is American to express opposition to a proposal. I think it is un-American to behave like a mob, shouting down people trying to explain the proposal, and generally LYING and making sh!t up about the proposal that a simple Google search would prove to be completely false.

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    Yes, if you disagree with the policies of whichever party happens to be in power at the time, protest is un-American and you are being controlled and put up to it by some hidden cabal. That's modern American politics. When there's a change of administration, your previous seditious activity transmogrifies into an act of patriotism.

    Since "community organizers" jobs are to organize mobs, it seems the current administration has lost some wiggle room on this one.

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    If "standing up and loudly expressing your opposition" means you are disrupting a town hall meeting and preventing your fellow citizens from expressing themselves or taking part in the democratic process, then you are being "un-American", and it is reasonable to arrest you for disorderly conduct. If you are behaving like a MOB, you should be treated like a MOB. ∠°)

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    I don't think it's un-american to express your opposition to any of Obama's proposals just like it wasn't un-american to express opposition to Bush's proposals but it didn't stop Cheney from calling us that

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    "Loudly express" is an interesting euphemism for getting 2 inches away from someone's face and screaming "SOCIALIST!" over and over again. What the Hell do you think will happen when you won't let someone speak because you are shouting in their face? That's no longer "freedom of speech" because you are denying them their right to speak. You are part of Glen Beck's Brown Shorts Brigade. A mob.

    Source(s): Waiting for your little revolution.
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    I think it is about time someone sued the president for slander. There are good folks out there that go these meetings and sometimes have to shout to even be recognized.. the Dems do not want to answer any hard questions.

    If Obama called me any name at all I would sue him... how dare he tell me how I can act or talk at a meeting... I am part of the America that elected him.. He can be taken down, one way or another.. and I think he better remember that.

    Not all are sheep. Too bad he doesn't like it when some do not fall on their knees for him.. just too damn bad!

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    First of all Obama can do no wrong. ( Look at President Bush. He did many things wrong) Obama must fix what the Republicans tore up.

  • With knukleheads like you out there it's a wonder how the man got elected in the first place.

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