Is there anyone out there that hasn't received their kid care rebate from Illinois?

I am supposed to get a rebate from the wonderful state of Illinois and of a sudden I am getting jerked around on if the rebates are going to even be sent out? I was told I am going to get the rebate but the comptrollers office hasn't had permission to send out the funds??? What's the deal with that?? Is there anyone out there with information? I even called the governors office and they gave me the run around too.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have contacted the state several times over the last few weeks. I was told last Monday, 8/3 that the checks for both July and August were being mailed out that day and I still have not received anything.

    I just called this morning and was told that the checks were printed yesterday and are being mailed out today. I was given this website to check the status. You are supposed to be able to click menu, vendor payments and then enter your SSN to find out exact details regarding your payment.

    Hope this helps.

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