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How does this sound for a movie plot bringing together some interesting actors?

What if there was a science fiction film that came out called "Infection" about a meteorite coming to earth unleashing a mist that mutates everyone into wild carnivorous creatures (aliens) via flu symptoms and then a team of Marines are brought into to eliminate the threat? It would be featured in Chicago and basically the Marines have to kill off the infected and find a vaccine before the entire world is infected with the mist. The team of Marines cast in the starring roles would be Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Chow Yun-Fat, Ming Na Wen, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Lopez, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jamie Foxx, Lucy Liu, Antonio Banderas, Ethan Hawke, Omar Epps, Denzel Washington, B.D. Wong, Kimberly Elise, Robert De Niro, Hillary Swank, and Jodie Foster. I think this would be a cool crew to cast for the combat unit of U.S. Marines that the film focuses on. Each character would bring his or her own style to the table as they unite to rid the city and hopefully the world of this hideous viral infection. It's just a thought I had. It might sound like Aliens or I Am Legend, but it's just an idea I had. I think it would be cool bringing this group of actors to the table. Give me your thoughts on this idea or how you would change it or improve it to make it interesting: the plot or the actors or both. I look forward to all your comments.

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    Well first...a mist? A meteor that releases a mist that somehow can spread across the WORLD??? If you want to make it as realistic (fathomable) as possible then just think about what critics would say about it. I mean mutations are in DNA, their aren't "cures" for mutations, just like...operations to make them more normal. If anything it would have to be a disease. And why would the HUMANS turn into ALIENS from this??? That makes no sense, aliens are a whole different thing, why bring aliens into it? To be honest the whole idea just sounds like a typical "its i virus spreading and we need to survive and find a cure!" movie, there have been a lot of those already and this would be way to cliche. Also with the extremely celebrity-filled cast, it would suck. You don't see great movies with the whole cast consisting of ONLY famous actors because they tend to "steal thunder" and because its just ridiculous. Actors often say that they acted well off of each other and had good chemistry but with 15 famous actors being all the main characters it would be a jumbled mess.

    This would obviously be an independent movie so your casting goals would be flushed down the toilet anyway. I don't really know what to say besides...think of a better story and cast all together.

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    Ya that would be a cool idea except you would never be able to put all those actors in one movie. Because 1, whatever hollywood company would never be able to afford to pay all those actors and still make it a decent movie. I don't think it would be a straight-to-dvd release. And 2, all of those actors wouldn't do it together because there would be enough camera time for all of them. They make millions to make one movie. They are not gonna come into a movie and be in there for a total of 30 mins each and get paid a little bit for it.

    You got a good idea. But I'm sure all directors and producers agree, it's just a fantasy.

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