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If resurected and stayed the same age for half an hour, who would win- Bruce Lee or Anderson Silva?

By that I mean he stayed at 32.

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    Andeson silva has more experience with his Martial arts, but his weakness is speed, he's good at dodging mediocre punches. Usually hooks that are predictable.

    Bruce Lee had amazing speed. I can never stress enough how fast he was. I remember seeing a video of him kicking a guy to the knee (stopped just before impact). It was lighting fast, faster then any kick i had ever seen. But then, when i looked carefully, it was TWO kicks. Everyone was amazed. He could kick twice to the same area faster then most people could kick once.

    I still haven't seen anyone match his speed. He is at a size disadvantage, but he's light, so he would probably evade any attacks easily, just like Anderson does. But do to his speed, id give the advantage to Lee.

    Oh, and to anyone who said Lee was only any actor, that's true, but not completely. He trained consecutively to become a better fighter and to prove he's not just an actor.

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    Sadly, Silva would be victorious. All you have to do is compare their stats:

    Anderson Silva: 6'2" 185lbs Professional Record= 25 - 4 - 0

    Bruce Lee: 5'7" 135lbs Professional Record= Ummmm?

    It can't be disputed that Bruce Lee's impact on Western martial arts was monumental, however the Bruce Lee of 1973 just didn't have the skill set to compete with the elite level MMA fighters of today, ESPECIALLY one as dominating as Anderson Silva. An even better example is to look back fifteen years ago at just the first five UFC tournament champions:

    Royce Gracie

    Steve Jennum

    Dan Severn

    Oleg Taktarov

    Marco Ruas

    With the exception of maybe Ruas, none of those pioneering fighters showed anywhere near the level of balanced, well rounded proficiency that Silva has exhibited time and again.

    A more interesting hypothetical match up might be between Bruce Lee and Miguel Torres. At least then size and weight would no longer be a factor.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lee hands contest what so ever. Lets face it, Silva is good...but he's not the same fighter he used to be. He's lost his killer edge. Case in point, the Franklin fight. Silva demolished Franklin and shattered his face!!! He hasn't even come close to showing that same fire.

    Lee, on the other hand, is damn near perfect in every way. His body was top form all the time as well as his mind. His legs were super powerful and his hands were ridiculously fast. There is just no conceivable way that Lee would lose.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Anderson Silva. Bruce Lee paved the way for many mma fighters today. He was basically mma training back in the 60's and 70's. He's also known as the Father of Mixed Martial Arts. But Anderson Silva is like the Bruce Lee of today. A complete well rounded fighter who uses speed, accuracy, power and overall skill to destroy his opponents.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think anderson would win, but the funny thing is Anderson has actually said Bruce Lee is his favourite fighter of all time!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Anderson silva -

    Bruce was an Martial arts actor but would definitly beat an average Joe

    Silva Is a pro fighter with Specialist coaches in many areas with nothing else on his mind but his next fight.. he also seems to get better..

    That last fight was awesome

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  • 1 decade ago

    It would be an absolute mockery. Silva by whatever the hell he wants.

    Bruce was an actor, not a fighter, that weighed less than 135lbs and never did well in competitive fighting. He only did well in fixed ON SCREEN ACTED OUT FIGHTS. These fights were NOT real, they were FAKE- SPURIOUS - NOT GENUINE.

    Anderson Silva is a 200lb monster with one of the best hand to hand fight games on the planet. he fights people of all sizes for real and makes heads roll. Bruce would tell you himself that he would never stand a chance.

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  • 1 decade ago

    bruce lee hands down hes been doing karate since before he could walk hes dedicated his life to it while anderson started when he was 14 and bruces karate can beat andersons muay thai

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