I have a question about animal crossing ds?

I played the 1st animal crossing so I know what to do, but for some reason I just can't get any furniture in this one. I'll go to Nook's store but there's nothing that I like or not enough variety or even the same stuff. I keep getting 0 points from the interior decorating people. Also I started getting roaches in my house, how do I get rid of this?

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    1 decade ago
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    1. You kind of have to wait for good furniture. It's not the games fault that they can't have furniture you like. Or, if you receive furniture you don't want, send it to another animal in your town and they will give something back. Chances are, if you send someone like, a normal bed, and they have an awesome bed that you like, they might use yours and dump theirs in the recycling.

    2. The roaches. The pests. I mean, those pests.

    If you want to avoid getting those horrible pests, move at least one furniture once in two weeks.

    To get rid of them, chase them (run!) and stomp on them. They will die. Don't worry. They evaporate.

    When they're gone, go up to the attic and come back down again. There should be more roaches. Keep on doing this until there are no more left.

    3. If you keep on getting 0 points, that means you haven't done ANYTHING to your room. As in, you need to add more furniture...

    Нσρε ιτ НεІρεd!


    Source(s): I play AC:WW and AC:CF
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