My sewing machine needle wont move...?

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I'm trying to use my Singer Prelude but the needle wont move! I'm not an expert at sewing my any means btw* But I have it threaded right and everything is plugged in but more
Update : how do I tighten a belt?
Update 2: oh man Idk what category I should of put this in.. I figured some people more
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  • kay answered 5 years ago
Don't tighten any belts -- I'm not sure this machine has any, anyhow. You've probably got the bobbin winder engaged, so read the manual to tell you how to switch it off again, or call Singer's help line ( -- "contact us" tab)

I believe on this machine the bobbin winder is disengaged by moving the bobbin winding pin to the left, but check the manual.


50 years of sewing
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  • Lindsey answered 5 years ago
    Unless you don't want to cough up money for it to be fixed from an expert I don't have advice. Though there may be dust or something stuck in there, but you say it doesn't sound jammed, most likely it is.
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  • Sophie B answered 5 years ago
    The motor runs the machine by a rubber belt, try tightening the belt...
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