Do you want universal health care? and why?

Obama's health care plan if getting a lot criticism, though none of it is really valid, but I was wondering if a majority of people actually want it. Also if you live in a country with universal health care do you like it?

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    Yeah universal health care is an awful idea! We can’t take away private insurance companies whose only goal is to make an honest buck! Its the American way for business owners too make hundreds of millions while their customers get denied the money they need for medial treatment or drugs that would save their lives! We can’t socialize health care! CAPITALISM ALL THE WAY… except for the police, fire department, forest service, postal service, education and a few other things. BUT WE CANT SOCIALIZE HEALTH CARE!! I mean the United States of America is ranked 37 in the world in health care while those damn socialized countries like France, Italy and Norway are in the top 10. But we don’t want better health care, we want a free market! I mean we all know the only reason health care is a private business is because the insurance companies pay off government officials who then convince us that that socialism is bad, but hey it works.


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    If you can find a way to get everyone in America covered without raising taxes I am in. The current health care plan is way off the mark. they can't even figure out how to pay for it and keep Obama's promise to not raise taxes, and there would still be 30 Million people without insurance under this bill. Everyone who needs medical care even the hobo on the street gets it now, but if this UHC goes through then the government will decide who will and will not get the care they need. I know that insurance is too expensive now, but if people would stop suing doctors over a broken finger nail or anything else that they could get instead of only suing for true malpractice then insurance will go down. If doctors didn't have to pay thousands of dollars a month for malpractice insurance then they could lower the prices they charge for their services. If you want to know about UHC in other countries take the words from people who know the system, not someone still living with their parents where they get everything including health care paid for for them. Ask the people dying from cancer because they have to wait months to get tools to diagnose conditions. Please read the bill itself for all the proof you need to get valid answers because obviously you can't trust a Republican or Independent that doesn't want it even though I have seen them give many valid points directly from the bill they are trying to pass. No I don't want Socialistic reform that will give the government waaaaay too much control over me.

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    your statement "none of it is really valid" leads me to wonder where you are getting your information from. Some of the claims are garbage but some are also very valid.

    America can't afford this plan. The estimates the current administration are using is based on the government charging 10% less than private companies. This puts them in direct competition with private companies. It also gives them an unfair advantage. Using tax dollars to put American companies out of business and worker out of a job.

    This plan isn't free. This plan requires people to continue to pay a premium as they already do and will increase taxes. It will end up costing the middle class more for coverage.

    The estimates used by Obama are based on the plan starting in 2013 because any estimates are restricted to a 10 year limit. That means his estimates only include 60% of the cost. The middle class (already struggling to survive) will pick up the rest of the tab. These are the estimates from the Obama administration and they are grim when you look at the root. If you listen to the other estimates, this will be a disaster that will create a social elite and leave the rest of us poor.

    If you go to a sight promoting this plan you are just going to get a sales pitch presented as the "facts". Think for yourself. The old saying, if it sounds to good to be true...

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    Universal? NO.

    Public Option? YES.

    Children, Parents, Government and Public Service workers, and Vets and Elderly should have a right to decent healthcare without being subject to the corruptive insurance and medical market in America.

    Those who can pay for better, should be allowed to. Those who cannot, but are contributors or minors in this country, should be afforded the same level of care we give oursoldierss.

    If a Public Option is opened up: preventative medicine will increase the overall health of the population. Insurance industry will be forced to reform and provide an attractive option for the average citizen in order to survive. Public servants in the medical field could finally be given the ability to do their life's work without having to mess with thecorrupte system that rewards doctors by their scripts, their policies, and their sponsorship rather than the quality of work they do.

    Universal healthcare works for the countries which have implemented it for many years. America is not fit for this conversion yet. And mind you, some others still come to our country for specific medical care that exceeds their universal system's standards. We should still encourage the option to upgrade while providing the guarantee that every citizen is afforded thenecessitiess.

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    "none of it is really valid"


    So I take it you have read it.

    What about:

    Page 425: Government provides approved list of end-of-life

    resources, guiding you in death.

    . Page 427: Government mandates program that orders end-of-life

    treatment; government dictates how your life ends.

    . Page 429: Advance Care Planning Consult will be used to dictate

    treatment as patent's health deteriorates. This can include an ORDER

    for end-of-life plans. An ORDER from the GOVERNMENT.

    And these are just some of the obvious

    I do not want it. and see nothing wrong with what we have. If you don't have it, get a job or concentrate on family values to create a team effort in dealing with larger medical problems.

    If none of these methods are available, allow American ingenuity to take over and create a solution. NOT the government! Its power is limited for a reason.

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    No, I do not want the government determining the level of health care for me or my family, I do not want them telling me if I am worth better care or not. How simple is this? We need reform but of the current system, not one where the government can ration out care depending on how worthwhile they believe a person is. From all the polls I have seen a majority do not want the system currently being considered in congress, but yet it could very well be shoved down our throats at the cost of trillions.

    Source(s): Surprise Phil, I do not have insurance, but I know if I wanted it I would pay for it. But then I had insurance for years, and seldom used it. I am not one who runs to their doctor every time I have a cold. I paid thousands as did the company I worked for, that money went to the doctor and paid for other peoples care, not mine. Do I agree with mandatory health care, no, do I agree with the government telling me what treatment I can receive, no. Do I agree that changes are needed, yes, just not this type of progrm. My son feels the same way, so it is not just the people who have insurance who are against the bill.
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    Normally only about 6 people show up at these townhall meetings..

    I tell you this, because we are now seeing hundreds of people show up at townhall meetings; now, before you shout "no, thats union people and Republican organizations, etc" - I can tell you that when I went to one of the first townhalls (Philly with Specter and Sebelius), it was BEFORE OBAMA CALLED ON HIS UNION AND ACORN THUGS TO START SHOWING UP); Before OBAMA CAUSED all that hype and mini-war, STILL at least a hundred people showed up, BECAUSE PRIVATE CITIZENS WERE READING THE HEALTHCARE BILL HR3200. I was one of them -- a nobody, a housewife, a mom - not affiliated with any political party, and registered INDEPENDANT; my entire family are democrats as far back as 55 years that I know of.....

    The majority of people DO NOT want this healthcare bill to pass. Unlike Congress, we have read the bill. I've read all 1017 pages of the horrible thing, and if it weren't for the fact that its as scary as a science fiction movie, it would have bored me to death.

    You seem to think that all the citizens who are opposing the Bill are stupid or something, because you state that the criticisms are not "really valid". Here are some things that are right smack out of the bill itself - you can google a copy and see it in black and white for yourself:

    IF YA LIKE YOUR INSURANCE AND DOCTOR, BY ALL MEANS, KEEP THEM. This is a blatant lie. The bill is clear that the employer will be pressured (by threat of higher taxes) to dump all his employees onto the public option; if the employer refuses and chooses to keep his employees on the plan they have now, then ...........the bill states if (or better yet, WHEN) the slightest change happens to the policy, your married name, address, add/delete dependants, more covered items, less covered items, premium change, medicine formulary changes, anything....your policy nulls and voids. Then, the bill says:



    Guess what: you are now on government option, and your insurance that you were happy with, is GONE. This is not a surprise, since Barack Obama gave a speech in 2003 where he said he works for the day when a single-payor option is a reality; He said "everybody opts--in;nobody allowed to opt-out. DID YA HEAR THAT?

    In 2007 Obama gave a speech in front of his buddies at the SEIU, and he told them that his intention if elected is that by the end of his first term as President, he " would have universal healthcare with a single payor system, but first we need to secure the Congress, the Senate and the White House". Well, all three of those things are "secure" so now he can push his single payor healhcare reform bill. Only problem is, he can't actually tell the people the truth, because he knows that the majority of american citizens are not going to give up their basic rights so say, what rights?

    The healthcare reform bill gives the government full and real-time access to all private citizens bank accounts; they can electronically transfer funds OUT OF YOUR PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNTS to pay for any medical services they approve for you or direct dependants.

    So ya thought ya had the rent in the bank, huh? Nope, Obama just took $300 out of your checking account. Do you honestly want that?

    To be fair, it also says you will be notified by mail about the money withdrawn from your account; they will send it within thirty days.

    They will not, however, pay your rent for you.

    Never mind the fact that children are denied neurological services, care and treatment so I guess its just too bad for all those autism children.

    Obama said the elderly will not be rationed and left to die....but the bill

    says THATS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WILL DO: everybody age 65 and older will mandatorily go to counciling so that end of care/end of life can be counciled so that when that nasty breast lump appears, you won't freak out because you'll already know you're screwed.

    I strongly suggest you read HR3200, because there might be one of the horrors in there that you DO CARE ABOUT. Come down from the clouds and realize that Barack Obama does not have loving feelings for you and your family: you are putting blind trust in a man who is stating one thing, when the black and white print says the exact opposite. Barack Obama has a little brother living in a chicken coop in Indonesia. Do you know what Obama has done to help him? zippo, friend. Blood is thicker than water, and if he would allow his own blood to starve, you better not have too much trust that he has your family's best interest in mind. You do the "math".

    This bill can single-handly change the face of America; transform it into a something we won't even recognize anymore. It would really be helpful if you would take the time to read it and then HELP.

  • Bobuck
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    Yes because your access to health care should never be base on your ability to pay.

    when Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence he enumerated only three rights. Three rights that all people are entitled to.

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

    Life is first.

    No one should lose a house, have their life saving wiped out because the insurance company the do have decides not to pay for a an operation they need.

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    PASHA OFN....if the proposed health care "reform" is so wonderful, why won't the members of congress participate in the same program as all Americans are expected to use? and, don't use that tired old BS that they already have govt. health care. they have a superior,"pays for anything & everything" kind of health care .....not the substandard kind of crap they'll give us. so, why don't they want what we're gonig to have? because they know it will suck?? YES!

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    NO, I don't want it. Our govenrment does not have a stellar history of things turning out as they planned or handling things well. It will be a DISASTER and i have NO INTEREST in having the gov. declare what healthcare I can or cannot have. No interest in waiting MONTHS for simple tests like MRIs like Canada has an issue with. Obama's a socialist idiot who's forgotten the very principles America was founded on.

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