Songs which announce themselves as songs?

"Here's a song," "I wrote this song," "you'll hear this song," etc. Which songs feature lyrics announcing themselves as songs?

I'll start the list:

Oasis - "I'm Outta Time"

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Here's a song / It reminds me of when we were young...

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    Silly Little Love Song-Paul McCartney

    Song Sung Blue- Neil Diamond

    I Write The Song-Barry Manilow

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    I'd have to concur with the Phantom on this one - sounds like a reeeeal stretch to me. I was gonna do the whole Joan Redfern speech, but that's been nicely covered. I reckon IF all the tenth doc companions appear in the final episode, it'd only be something like what happened with the fourth and fifth docs, where we see inside their minds during regeneration and all the companions they've had are shown. (That wouldn't have worked for Eccleston obviously, he only had the one 'real' companion (not counting Captain Jack)). But as the Phantom's said, I reckon the Sun got hold of completely the wrong end of the stick and ran with it. Now, on the actual business of Donna being River Song...why? Why would this even enter the minds of the writers? You've got two important women, why should they be actually only be one woman? And why would you stretch the temp from Chiswick into a space-travelling archaeologist? I just don't see it, personally - strikes me as a companion variant of a disease that seems to have struck Who-fans in recent years - Fob-Watch Fever - always wanting something to be more complex and singular than it needs to be ;o)

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    Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC

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    Wanna tell you a story

    'Bout a woman I know

    Ah, come to lovin'

    Ooh, she steals the show

    She ain't exactly pretty

    Ain't exactly small

    Forty-two, thirty-nine, fifty-six

    You could say she's got it all!

    Never had a woman

    Never had a woman like you

    Doing all the things

    Doing all the things you do

    Ain't no fairy story

    Ain't no skin and bone

    But you give it all you got

    Weighing in at nineteen stone

    You're a whole lotta woman

    A whole lotta woman

    Whole lotta Rosie

    Whole lotta Rosie

    Whole lotta Rosie

    And you're a whole lotta woman

    Oh honey you can do it

    Do it to me all night long

    Only wanna turn

    Only wanna turn me on

    All through the night time

    And right around the clock

    Whooh! To my surprise, Rosie never stops

    You are a whole lotta woman

    Whole lotta woman

    Whole lotta Rosie

    Whole lotta Rosie

    Whole lotta Rosie

    A whole lotta woman

    Ohh yeah


    Oh, you're a whole lotta woman

    Whole Lotta woman

    Whole lotta Rosie

    Whole lotta Rosie

    You're a whole lotta Rosie

    Whole lotta woman-man-man-man-man

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Whole Lotta Rosie

    Whole lotta woman

    Oh, whole lotta woman

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  • simone
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    1 decade ago

    "Jimmy James" by The Beastie Boys

    This next one is the first song on our new album

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    "Amphetamine Annie" by Canned Heat

    This is a song with a message...I want you to heed my warning

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  • PJ
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    1 decade ago

    John Mellencamp- Jack and Diane

    "Little ditty about Jack and Diane"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lagwagon- To All My Friends

    "Here's a song to all my friends I know they'd like"

    Sublime- Greatest Hits

    "I'm too drunk to light a bong, I'm too stoned to write this song"

    Third Day- "This Song Was Meant For You"

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    'Sing a Song of Summer' ~ John Martyn

    'Song for Jeffrey' ~ Jethro Tull

    'Ophelia's Song' ; 'Rod's Song' ; ' Liz's Song' ~ Shelagh McDonald

    'Penelope's Song' ~ Loreena McKennitt

    'Sing Me a Song that I Know' ~ Blodwyn Pig

  • mark j
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    1 decade ago

    Runaway - Super Furry Animals

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    ''This song is based on a true story. Which would be fine, if it wasn't autobiographical''.

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    Free Bird - Lynryd Skynryd

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    "what song is it you want to hear?"

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