Best places to travel to in Canada? As a Canadian?

We live in Calgary, Alberta and want to go on a mini-vacation somewhere in Canada - We're thinking about the okanogan in BC osoyoos and area. I want some input on your favourite places around canada, also how you found the okanogan

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    Last year I went on a sailing vacation to the south shore of Newfoundland. There I saw some of the most spectacular coastline in Canada, and I learned a little about the vanishing outport lifestyle.

    That particular part of Newfoundland will return to wilderness in a few years. Since the collapse of the cod fishery, its just a matter of time. Likely it will be abandoned, village by village until services and population are gone sometime in before 2020. Maybe sooner.

    But, while there are still population and services, you can visit easily. No car, yacht or helicopter needed. Launch your adventure from Port aux Basques, NF. You can drive, bus, or fly into Sidney NS and take the CN Marine ferry to get there. Once you're in PoB, you can take a government subsidized local ferry (for $3-5 per person per leap) to all the little communities on the South Shore. Have a close look on Google Earth, and do a little internet research before you go.

    Of the entire south shore, only Burgeo is accessible by road alone, Ramea has a ferry that takes cars from Burgeo. But, once you're on the south shore you'll see that your car was irrelevant. There are no roads. Just walkways. You can just walk everywhere in these spectacular and remote little villages, or go by local boat. It's easy to organize. Just ask someone who might help.

    The people are friendly, there are guest houses - or people that will take guests in their houses - in all the little villages where the ferry stops. I think we're talking $50-$75 per room per night with breakfast, home cooked dinner available at reasonable price. From bunkhouse to stylish B&B grade.

    For the adventurers, there are some fun organized activities - hiking, fishing, site seeing, kayaking, photo opps, etc.. or if you're the type that doesn't need help adventuring, you can simply wander around on your own initiative. You'll meet great people as you go. They have a 300+ year culture of open generosity and sharing. That will vanish over the next 10 years, but for now it's still accessible.

    The abandonment trend happens because there is no industry so the men move temporarily to work in Alberta (which you may have noticed) and return to visit home during the summer. Sooner or later, wife and family also go to live in the west and the move is permanent, the family house is a "summer place" that is inconveniently distant.

    I really recommend this. I'm Canadian, but haven't lived at home in 20+ years. I always knew this area existed, but am very grateful to have now seen and been there first hand.

    Scope? You could have fun doing this one for say as little as three or four days, or you could take a summer. You could cozy up in a guest house and write for the summer, do photo wildlife studies or hike across the interior of NF camping. All easy.

    Spectacular place, lovely people, you'll be one of this years 100 tourists, NO ONE in your kids classes will have done it, and Canada will be a place with even more wonder to you.


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    The East Coast. New Brunswick, PEI and NS are all beautiful and there are tons of activities :) As a Ontarian who has spent time on both coasts, I would have to say my preference is the East.

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