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Why do you think President Obama's numbers continue to fall?

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    He's clueless, arrogant, doesn't listen, has sucky policies and his schemes are not working! The "stimulus" spending isn't working and unemployment is getting higher. Yes, it went from 9.5 to 9.4 but that didn't take into account the people that stopped looking, took part time jobs and the people that are under-employed. He's "promised" Obama-care by the end of the year even though we don't want it.

    He says "I suspect that once we get into the fall and people look at the actual legislation that's being proposed, that more sensible and reasoned arguments will emerge, and we're going to get this passed." He's not LISTENING to the sensible arguments currently out there.

    Obama WILL be unemployed in January 2013.

    Source(s): Obama is not my fault!
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    Lets get one thing strait before I go int this… I am neither Democrat nor Republican I am not stupid enough to fall for the right vs left republican vs democrat BS that the powers to be use to divide and conquer the American people. The popularity of Obama and Congress have fallen because many Americans have woke up to the corruption and deliberate attacks on our constitution and failure to hear the voice of the people who voted them in office in the first place. For Example the banker bailout was passed under Bush and continues under the Obama Administration, just as the homeland security act and numerous other violations of our constitutional rights. The banks were not bailed out to free lending; rather they bought out their competition off the backs of hard working Americans tax money. That’s not all the banks have bought up… International Banks have been buying off political leaders such as our current president and congress since before this country was created. They do this to pass laws that give the banks more power and control and enslave us through Debt and Taxation. In 1776 the Declaration of Independence released the US citizens burden and corruption from the international banking elite, however since the enactment of the Federal Reserve (which is a private bank). The burden was placed back on the American people and once again the burden and corruption has continued.

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    President Obama's numbers continue to fall as his promises continue to be revealed as deceit and lies.

    Too many of us voted for him in hopes that he would bring some good to the politics in our country and help our economy out of this slum the corporate and political world has placed us in.

    He has already proven that his lack of experience is not made up for with his great speaking ability.

    He has spent more money than any President in such a small period of time

    He is trying to implement a Health care System which is drastically flawed

    He has done nothing about bringing the troops home from Iraq as promised

    He has degraded his own country to other world leaders in a show of his weakness

    He has contributed 700+ billion dollars to bail out companies without properly and accurately evaluating the pros and cons

    Basically, he has gotten in over his head and he needs to take many steps back to re-evaluate his actions and decisions and let the Analyst do their work and stop trying to show boat his power.

    I officially take back my vote based on deceit and poor judgment which I cast in November 2008.

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    Isn't it interesting. Democrats say all these people protesting at these town hall meetings are a select group of Republicans but yet Obama's numbers on health care are dropping like a rock. Seems to me these protesters that Nancy Pelosi is calling Nazis are actually just all American people on every side of the political wall. Obama will have to say he did SOMETHING with health care so even if it's no were near what he wants he will still say it was a big success, just mark my words. Obama is SO predictable

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    Oh, so now polls matter?

    Well, it matters not to me.

    Go and look up Reagan's poll numbers. See how they fell. Yet, he was re-elected in a landslide.

    Any who, folks are always nervous about change. And President Obama is doing something that no other President before him ( in over 50 years) has been able to do and that is tackle this country's failing health care system.

    My money's on President Obama. He will get a plan for our citizens, even if his numbers plummet to 0.

    That's the kind of President he is. He is trying to make a difference for all Americans.

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    Besides being an incompetent failure an out of touch with the American people, the citizens are waking up to his Marxist policies.

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    What, you do not know? SOCIALISM, in the 50's the democrats adapted this platform!!! So says Norman Thomas socialist party candidate!! and they did not even know!! they used the word liberalism!! sad indeed.............

    Source(s): The book "without a shot fired"
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    Because people are seeing him for what he REALLY is, a socialist, and they don't want any part of his change. Plus they are getting tired of him lying to them.

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    Hes one of those people you can listen to for an hour and walk away not knowing what the hell he said.

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    because he keeps making the same stupid mistakes and is trying to rush national health care to quickly which is a bad mistake on his part

    vote conservitives back into senate 2010

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