how many civilians have died in the iraq war?

is there an estimate?

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    Lots of different estimates:

    ()The Iraq Body Count project (IBC) has documented 91,856 - 100,278 violent, non-combatant civilian deaths since the beginning of the war as of May 6, 2009

    ()The 2006 Lancet survey of casualties of the Iraq War estimated 654,965 Iraqi deaths (range of 392,979-942,636) from March 2003 to the end of June 2006

    ()An Opinion Research Business (ORB) survey conducted August 12-19, 2007 estimated 1,220,580 violent deaths due to the Iraq War

    That is almost as many [men, women and children] as Arab hero Saddam killed:

    According to The New York Times, "he [Saddam] murdered as many as a million of his people, many with poison gas. He tortured, maimed and imprisoned countless more. His unprovoked invasion of Iran is estimated to have left another million people dead. His seizure of Kuwait threw the Middle East into crisis. More insidious, arguably, was the psychological damage he inflicted on his own land. Hussein created a nation of informants — friends on friends, circles within circles — making an entire population complicit in his rule". Estimates for the number of dead in the Iran-Iraq war vary from 500,000 to 1.5 million. Others have estimated 800,000 deaths caused by Saddam not counting the Iran-Iraq war. [2]

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    Mass graves of roughly 4 hundred,000 have been got here across after the Iraq conflict, brought about for the time of the Saddam regime. Saddam additionally gassed an expected ninety seven Kurd cities. have you ever seen the bloated physique of a guy or woman killed by way of chemical weapons? maximum estimates taken for the time of the Iraq conflict (Gulf conflict II, somewhat), comprise Iraqis killed by way of different Iraqis, and from components you could no longer have confidence. American squaddies did no longer basically bypass around killing people in Iraq, that would desire to have been stated by way of the embedded media. each stubbed toe became very nearly stated for the time of the occupation. there became much greater killing happening whilst Saddam Hussein became in capability. He became killing approximately 2,000 of his very own people each month up until then, for despite reason.

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    Estimates vary widely. The generally accepted figure is around 150,000 but there's no way to verify this.

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    Thousands have died in this war, men, women, and children.

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    too many to care about.

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