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Hydrogen Fuel More Information About Hydrogen Fuel Please?

hello sir, anyone..

did anyone know more infor about hydrogen fuel?

sound great already google it but nothing found..

did anyone can explain about thsi more??

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    1 decade ago
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    Hydrogen fuel, which is a proposal for the distribution of hydrogen energy. Hydrogen (H2) does not provide energy when combined with oxygen, hydrogen itself, but is a product of the first energy released when it is used as fuel. To use hydrogen as fuel, must begin by water electrolysis or other methods. A reduction in carbon dioxide emissions will be achieved if the energy to separate water from sources that are not based on carbon.

    Some researchers in the future promote the potential of hydrogen as a fuel for energy (including cars, ships and aircraft), the energy needs of buildings and portable electronics. They believe that the hydrogen fuel is reducing carbon dioxide emissions and help reduce emissions, global warming. Countries without oil, but with energy, you can use a combination of energy and hydrogen as a fuel derived from oil, which is increasingly rare to energy independence.

    As part of the hydrogen fuel, hydrogen is an energy carrier, not the main source of energy (see nuclear fusion for the full use of the hydrogen isotopes from the discussion about nuclear energy). However, the controversy on the usefulness of the hydrogen fuel are confused with the issue of energy, including fossil fuels, global warming, energy production and development. All this is a different matter, even though hydrogen fuel is affected.

    The proponents of globalization of the hydrogen fuel, hydrogen can become a source of energy for final consumers, especially in transportation applications, without release of pollution (eg, particles) or the emission of gas used. Analysis of 2004 that asserted that “the majority of the hydrogen supply chain pathways will significantly less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from gasoline used in hybrid electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions is only possible if the carbon or carbon method used in the production of hydrogen or energy”.

    Discussions about the hydrogen fuel many applications are expected to hydrogen, direct distribution and use of energy in the form of electricity, or storage devices such as batteries, chemicals, fuel and fuel cells, or the manufacture of synthetic liquid fuel, the local production of hydrogen and CO2, can do a lot of hydrogen requires a net, while only a small portion of investment in new infrastructure. Hydrogen is the most efficient and most expensive possible replacement for gasoline (petrol) in terms of reducing greenhouse gases. A comprehensive study hydrogen in transportation applications has been noted that “there are major obstacles to achieve the vision of the direction of the hydrogen fuel, the road will not be easy and not simple”. Ford Motor Company has decided not to develop a hydrogen car, which states that “the next big step in the Ford plan to increase the volume of electric vehicles”.

    Recently, the use of cheaper materials and manufacturing processes of popular criticism. Hydrogen (hydrogen-to-day) in may from a source that is very diverse and allows the excess energy generated in the demand for transportation, home and business, network, and that the sun and wind sources of economic growth.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wrote an article on hydrogen cars at the link below.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You searched for Hydrogen and didn't find anything? WOW!!!! You really don't know how to work a search engine.

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