How do you activate a US Bank account without visiting a branch?

I opened a student checking account with US Bank, but I have yet to make the actual opening deposit to activate it. Unfortunately, there are no US Bank branches near Boston, so I cannot visit a branch and do it in person.

If there is no method available, I suppose I can wait until I actually get to university.


Miscommunication.. I AM in Boston right now. There are indeed a lot of BoA branches everywhere.

I will be going to Northwestern Univ. (in Chicago) come Fall. There is a US Bank ATM on campus there, so it's definitely US Bank.

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  • Tony
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    Since you don't have any money in US Bank, I'd close the account and open one with either Bank of America, Sovereign or Citizens. You could open one with TD Bank as well, but I've had bad experiences with them. Not to mention the lack of ATMs...

    Definitely BoA or Sovereign is the way to go in Boston.

    To answer your question though, no account can truly be "activated" unless there's a deposit. You can just close the account and move on. No worries.

    Source(s): i live in boston
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