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When Comrade 0bama says "You will be allowed to keep your Health Care Plan if you like it" does he really mean?

"I will expect all Productive Citizens to keep their own Plans,and then pay much higher taxes on top of that to subsidize my Plan for the Loafers,Losers and Leeches who Voted me in and will Re-Elect me"

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    Actually, I believe he means "You will be allowed to keep your Health Care Plan [until you change jobs, or the insurance carrier makes any change in coverage or pricing, or you try to add or delete a family member or change any coverage option, then you will be required to join the Obamacare plan]."

    The "pay much higher taxes on top of that to subsidize my Plan for the Loafers, Losers and Leeches who Voted me in and will Re-Elect me" part will happen no matter what you do.

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    if the loafers and leeches get sick or there is a modern plague or epidemic then they will effect you too.There are more that do not have health care than do. To keep them healthy is a benefit for all. While i do not like Obama's plan, at least he is doing something more than talk about it. People need Health care. That's a thing that has been an issue back at the first 4th of july. other countries can do it but big bad America can not? Bull $h!+ Something needs to be done and he is in power. While i do not like some of the things he is doing, at least it is something and not talk.

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    Obamabots are liars that have thrown away any self-respect! 1. This is the same group that has granted thousands of wavers to companies that know OBAMA-care will break their company. If its such a great plan...why grant so many wavers to exempt you from it? 2. This is the same lame group that is now trying to convince us Bush bombs were bad and Bush was a war criminal...but Obama bombs are good and only kill bad guys......CR@P Obama koolaid drinkers cant even see the contradiction in that how the He$$ could they ever get a complex set of economic helath care reform right????? A law that to quote Polosi said, WE NEED TO PASS IT TO SEE WHATS IN IT.'

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    He is being honest, because he realizes that it will be impossible for private insurance companies to compete. Businesses are always looking for ways to cut corners, so if they can cut costs by switching their employees to a cheaper government option, so be it. Once this happens, the private insurance companies will go bankrupt, which will leave Americans with a single payer system. It's like telling a person they are allowed to live underwater. While you have the freedom to do so, it's an impossible task to achieve in reality.

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    I am pretty satisfied with my health care plan. You must admit, we need an overhaul on our health care, but how, I don't know. There is no way you can reduce health care cost for the loafers, losers and leeches and not increase taxes. What's a President to do?

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    Just a comment on your quote...

    I don't think anyone is interested in keeping the "loafers, losers and leeches" as you call them, as such. Yeah, some people are always going to be lazy. But why should we punish others that are honestly trying to make something of themselves, but aren't quite there yet? The U.S. is OUR country, and I don't think there is anything wrong with helping your country/community.

    The negative attitude of considering all poor people as worthless or calling them names, I don't think helps the advancement of our country.

  • I try to be nice in this forum, but you are trolling, so I won't be.

    I resent the remark about Loafers, losers and leeches because I voted for Obama and I bet I work allot harder then you.

    I am a member of the upper middle class in my state among the top 30% of wage earners in my area.

    I work at least 50 hours per week

    I own my home

    I have 3 vehicles

    I am married with 3 kids

    I am a white southern male.

    so while you are making your stereotypes I would just like to remind you that not everyone shares your opinion and just because you feel really strongly doesn't make you right, and it certainly doesn't give you a good excuse to put down others for expressing theirs. All your doing right now is getting your foot ready to be inserted into your own mouth.

    One more piece of advise. Your statement proves to me that you, like so many ultra conservatives, link the contents of someones wallet with the content of their character. Stop doing that.

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    Obama's claim that you can keep your existing health plan is true only in the narrowest technical sense. Read the Bill. Your existing plan will not be allowed to enroll new members, change any of its terms or conditions, or its price. And within 5 years it must conform to the highly regulated government specifications for health insurance. On any meaningful level, Obama's claim is a lie.

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    I'd say so. Plus, "productive citizens" will lose their choices and pay more for coverage as private enterprise tries to compete with the spendthrifts in government.

    Source(s): Jackey, you're such a nice man. You really should look into charitable donations instead of giving more to the government. The money will go farther and actually might help people instead of just enable them.
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    Yes, lets let all these people without healthcare die.

    I mean what good do they do for our society?

    I mean all those lazy bums do is:

    make our cars,

    pick our fruit,

    serve our fast food,

    truck shippments of food to grocery stores,

    unload cargo from ports,

    pick up our garbage,

    fix our roads,

    fix our plumbing,

    Forget all these people.

    What could possibly go wrong...

    Source(s): How Colbert-esqe of me...
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