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i did something realy bad i need advise im only 14! HELP?

i realy need help my dad is a self enployed business man and i did backstab him i stole money from him before loads and i bought ipods phones and everything i told my mum and she helped me my little brother (13) found out and hes all ways threating me about telling dad and my dad is violent so i dont want to be injured like before i have done bad things but my mum understands im starting year 10 in September and i want to be good ! i had a bad friend ... aswell he influenced me to go through with it i dont know how to break it to him i dont want anything to do with him ive messed my self up i even backstabbed my mum recently and used here card (debit ) £452.00 what do i do she knows and she forgives me and i picked my gcse BTEC ICT COURCE AND ART MOST OF THE STUFF WAS FOR ART AND BTEC I WANTED A LAPTOP FOR MY BIRTHDAY 2 WEEKS FROM TODAY what can i do i have £200 pound saved mum knows im trying to be good i play with the toddler i need advise help me yahoo!

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    what a load of bollocks, this is just a wind up. grow up will you?

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    hmmm im looking at some of the answersand im thinking that u were better off confessing to your mum. Ignore some of these people, they are forgetting that they were once 14 years old too!

    This is a serious problem honey, i have a 14 year old sister too. You are STEALING a lot of money here. Soon the stealing will turn into something more until you end up in jail. Is that what you want?

    CONFESS to your mother what you have need ask her.

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    Seems like you want to be good - but only when i suits you.

    You do despicable things that most kids would have been slapped from one end of the house to the other for, and then your mother saves your butt time and time again. Now you betray her by steeling from her and think you can just bat your eyelashes and wiggle your *** and everything will be fine. It makes me sick!!

    Pack your stuff, phone, stereo, laptop, etc up in a box and give it to your mother to sell to make up what you have cost her.

    Then go to your room for about a million years and think long and hard about who you are, what you do and how you treat those around you.

    Then grow the hell up and start taking responsibility for yourself and your actions.

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    Okay first things first. NO MORE BACKSTABBING (this includes money-stealing) Get a job like a newspaper round - a little goes the way. You're brother can't be an angel. Take a picture of him doing something embarrassing (like if you have a laptop put the webcam on, put on scary maze game and record him screaming his head off or i dont know hide a camera in the toilet and set it to video and record him weeing? - just dont get caught and threaten him that if he tells youll post the video everywhere - email to friends, post on web, take still picture and print and put it in his friends houses - every where really.

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    I've been in the same exact situation...there is a chance your dad already knows and is waiting for you to come out and tell him....apologize and do any and everything in your will lose your dads trust but he will love you no matter what..he's going to be hurt but in the end it'll ok..just be honest from this point on

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    my advice would be to stop stealing from your parents hard earned money. there is other ways to make cash like babysitting, car washing etc... you will appreciate money more if you have to work for it yourself. your dad will find out at some point, the longer it drags on the more angry he will be. just be mature and be honest. you have your own mind so you should of just told your friend no or went to your parents and explained what your friend was encouraging you to do. but in order to learn from mistakes you have to make them... You already know what you have to do...

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    Go to a police station and confess, it will show you really are trying to change and there can be no come back from your dad. Then you will have a clean slate before you reach adult hood.

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    think u hav a problem.

    for a start u dont deserve anthink for your birthday

    and ur parents should lock u up you little theif

    and your moms just as bad for not telling your dad

    why dont you grow up n start respecting your parents for god sake

  • the best thing to do is stop stealing money off your parents cos you know your gonna get into trouble so why do it in the first place. but if you cant stop stealing then your just gonna have to face the music.

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    I dont know why people arnt actually helping?

    If your mum understands, talk to her about your brothers and ask her to talk to him about it,

    Thats my best answer lol Im sorry I cant help out more :P

    Good luck mate xxx

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    first of all learn how to spell. second pay back the money, wait for your damn laptop. third you seriously need to go to jail and learn a lesson.

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