metroid 3 corruption bryyo?

im in the thorne jungle, specifically the ancient courtyard.

and when stop the jammar and try to order the airstrike on the huge door, it tells me that my ship needs extra firepower for the command.

what did i miss?

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    Okay, you gotta go back to your ship. Go back to the first place you played on Bryyo(unless you haven't got Ice Missiles yet. If you don't have Ice missiles I will explain what to do at the end.)

    (This part is for if you have already gotten Ice Missiles, if you don't just don't read this, unless you want to know what to do after you get Ice Missiles) Now, go through the White Door on your map. The white door is only broke with Ice Missiles and you were not able to go through it before. A little ways afterward you will come across a Galactic Federation Lab(or something like that) in which you go through a couple of tasks to unlock the doors and then you can use the machine in the middle to give your ship Missiles.

    (This part is for if you don't have Ice Missiles yet, if you do you can just disregard this part of my answer) Okay, instead of going to the first place, you want to go to a place called the "Fiery Air dock" or something like that. When you arrive, look to the left and up. Rundas' ship is here, in which you should scan. That is the only scan I will give so, it's up to you to go for the rest. Eventually you will come across a boss and the boss will leave Ice Missiles. Continue down the little elevator for a small room in which the Aurora Unit will tell you that you will need an upgrade for your ship(AKA Ship Missiles) and have no reason to be there yet. I recommend coming here still because there is a lore in that room. After that go back to your ship and I told you about the Ice Missiles earlier.

    Well, Good Luck :)

    P.S. If you need any other help with Metroid Prime 3 email me, I have played through the game on easy and veteran mode and would be glad to help you without you having to wast 5 points :)

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