Why does my Envy2 Echo?

I have an LC Envy2 by Verizon Wireless. Recently it has started Echoing (my voice) when i talk to people. Other people cant hear it, just me. It hasn't done this before. But for the past few days it started. Pleases help! Thanks in Advance.

Question: Why would it do this?


I had voice clarity on and now i turned it to off. I'll see if that changes anything, then I'll post on here if it works. Thanks

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    well mine did the same thing and then i searched the setting on the phone and in the setting and tools sections maybe i think its in sound settings you can set on or off voice clarity and that solved it for me just mess around with the setting and you will find new things to help it. Hope this helps!!

    Good Luck!!

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