Joni Mitchell: I need your help, folk fans of R&P?

I recently fell in love with her masterpiece Blue, but didn't care much for Court & Spark, a few songs asides (the title track, Help Me). I think what turned me off were the Jazz elements.. So what I'm looking for is an album by her that's more rooted in the folk rock genre.

What albums do you recommend?

BQ: Joni Mitchell vs. Joan Baez?


Haha, hi Shades! :) Thanks for answering

Update 2:

What do you think of Ladies of the Canyon?

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    I think she got jazzier as time went on... so to experience her in more of her 'folk' element, I'd say to look backwards to her earliest albums... Ladies of the Canyon is the only one I have from before Blue and Court and Spark, but here's a link to her discography.

    Hedzy? Just saw that ;-) Hi!


    Re. Ladies of the Canyon.... It just never really did it for me ~ but to be fair, the copy I have is an old and scratchy LP!

    My favorite JM albums are ~ in no particular order ~ Court and Spark, Blue, and Miles of Aisles. I don't own any others, altho I *have* owned some of her later works such as Heijiera (sp?), Mingus, Don Juan's Reckless Daughter... but didn't keep them.

    BQ: Joni. But Joan Baez has the most beautiful voice *EVER*. I saw her do Diamonds and Rust with just her guitar accompanying... it was a pivotal moment in my "live music life".

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    I'm a BIG FAN :) I never even thought about Her Guitar, but I'm sure you know what your talking about. Either way -- Her Compositions are extraordinarily Unique !! Favorite Songs ?? Wow - I like the Albums all the way Through - LOL "Blue" makes me Cry :(..... I also think her JAZZ/Mingus Period was Brilliant and Her Live Album, "Shadows and Light" is a MUST HAVE !! ummm... Free Man in Paris Both Sides Now Chelsea Morning Songs to Aging Children Come Big Yellow Taxi Song for Sharon Paprika Plains The Circle Game Shades of Scarlett Conquering Don Juan's Reckless Daughter A Chair in the Sky Coyote The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines Help Me Hejira Shadows and Light In France They Kiss on Main Street Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Court and Spark Sisotowbell Lane Down to You Sweet Sucker Dance Fun Q :) EDIT -- Oh, I forgot !! I also think that "Dog Eat Dog" was a decent album and its Title Track was a pretty Cool Viddy. I have not heard anything after that album... Also - I should probably add the Title Track to "The Hissing of Summer Lawns" to my List :) Too many Great Songs !! :)) . . .

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