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Would a 400 pound sumo wrestler be any good at MMA?

I was wondering if a "fit" 400 pound sumo wrestler were to go against a top heavyweight MMA fighter, how he would do?

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    Akebono, Koji Kitao, Emmanuel Yarborough, and Teila Tuli say "no".

    Sumo is basically the martial art of pushing. It doesn't contain any strikes (well, not really) or submissions. The few Sumo who have entered MMA have gotten embarassed.

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    Well they have weight classes for a reason. UFC heavyweight is capped at 265 people like Brock Lesnar actually cuts weight to fight in heavyweight. To answer your question no they would probably not do well. Sumo is not a good fighting style. A good striker would easily ko him or a good submission specialist would eventually get him to ground and submit him

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    That depends on technique, if he can only wrestle he will struggle against sticking opponents who will pretty much dance around him butting in jabs and kicks, also he would need to work on mobility on the mat so he can get out of submissions as im guessing someone of 400 pounds would be rather large, cardio will also need to be worked on to be able to compete on a high level.

    Source(s): knowledge of the sport and the different attributes needed.
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    In theory he could. Very often the smaller faster ppl are more aggressive, but if the bigger guy decided to go for it like the others he could do a lot of damage.

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    Not very good if all he knew was Sumo.

    Check this out, it's close to what you're asking about:

    Youtube thumbnail

    The fat guy is a professional boxer, his name is Butterbean.

  • 1 decade ago the maximum weight limit in ufc is 265

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    actually since he is 'fit',he might,but he might gas out really fast

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    I dont think he can do much! Unless he can box

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