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Should I take my hedgehog to the vet?

My brother always wanted one, my mom gave in for his 12th birthday. He's in love with her, she used to scare me but I learned to love her.


Before you view the pictures, please know they are graphic.

Sweet is 7 years of age (which is old considering she's a hedgehog), she has been my brothers responsibility since he was 12. Her left side of her face is completely swollen, my mom will not take her to the vet because she knows they'll put her down and she says there is no reason to take her to one because she's eating and she's drinking perfectly and doesn't seem bothered by her infection. I'm SOL & truth be told I think it's selfish of my mother, I don't know what else to do. I feel like I'm neglecting her by avoiding veterinary care. What would you do if you were in my situation? & could this be deadly?

By the way, idiotic comments will be ignored and you will be wasting your time posting, thanks.


Update 2:

Details: Her infection has been like that for numerous months now, I just realized it was this bad tonight.

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    Seems like an allergic reaction to something, used to happen to my Husky when he ate some stupid weed out back.

    Give it some benadryl.

    At first i didnt know what was wrong, I took it to the Vet and they gave him just that, a benadryl shot.

    For every time after that i just gave him some myself and he was ok.

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    Hedgehog Veterinary Care

  • Wow...even though she is eating etc, she could be in pain from the growth on her face. You have the choice whether your animal is put down or not---so don't let that scare you from taking her to the vet. If anything, the vet can lance and drain the growth and provide antibiotics and pain pills which could cure her. she needs to see the vet even just for an opinion.

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    i cant see why anyone wouldnt take you seriously. people love their pets and would do anything for them. call the vet and ask some questions. they may be able to diagnois something over the phone, or give you the number to someone who can. that way it saves the trip to the vet your mom wont take, and she doesnt eve have to know your doing it

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    aww the poor baby, it looks like he has an abscess which is very painful, you need to get him to a vet fast, the poisoning will kill him and plus poor little thing is in pain. Your mom is mean, I'm sorry to say that but please get him to a vet fast!

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    OK, that looks really gross and really painful. please, PLEASE take it to the vet. If it is your pet, the vet will probably give you a choice as to weather you get it put down or not. They may have a treatment. But, considering its state, unless they have a treatment, it would be cruel to leave it the way it is... VERY CRUEL. PLEASE, PLEASE take it to the vet.

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    Oh dear ugly.

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    well idk about a hedgehog but this vet place is like one of the cleanest and cheapest yet very effective place to go. idk im just saying.

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