LGBT: Ever met any famous people?

If so, who were they? What was your reaction? Haha... it doesn't really phase me, to be honest... they're people too. Just really talented people =D

But, mostly bands for me - Avenged Sevenfold (used to hang out with them at shows, actually), Less Than Jake, Meg & Dia (this is their hometown), From First To Last, Story of the Year, In This Moment, Nocturne (Lacey, from Rock of Love? Yeah, her band... but way before she was ever on television). And probably a few others I can't think of right now, I'm so tired... haha.



Guns 'N' Roses... awesome =D

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    I've met Barack Obama and Tom Higgenson from "Plain White T's." Uhm yeah that's about it. I've seen a few others but they don't count since I wasn't formally introduced or anything. Some like Yao Ming (Dang, seen this guy in the airport and whooo he is really freaking TALL), Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Daisy (From Daisy of Love). Hahaha. :)))) I'm jealous. I want to meet Lacey. Lol, just to tell her that her hair is ROCKIN'. Teehee. *Hugggggies*

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    Ehhh I've met a couple. I ran into Demi Lovato, literally lol. I've met Kenny Vasoli from the Starting Line, all of Brand New, and I've gone to get coffee with Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. (:

    I've met Every Avenue when I was in H&M buying pants, Chris Chelios (hockey player for the Red Wings), and I got his autograph on a dollar. I've also met Blue Oyster Cult, but I don't think you know who they are. At a charity event for Make-a-wish (my cheer team had to work it) I met a whole bunch of HSM people, the brother from That's so Raven, and Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls.)

    And if you've seen the Halloween movie remakes (the new one is coming out soon) I'm actually friends with the lead girl role, Scout Taylor Compton. And I saw Michael Phelps walking down the street and I gave him a hug. :)

  • Met Pink at a concert.

    Met Michael Jordan twice. His restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC (his hometown) is right next to where I used to work. So I actually saw him outside back behind the restaurant as I was leaving work. Talked to him a bit. Mostly just "hi, omg, you're Michael Jordan" type stuff.

    Oh and I met Obama too when he was doing his presidential campaign. He came and spoke at our campus, and I got to shake his hand.

    And it may not count, but I remember the black doctor from the drama series E.R. on tv? Well..I know his brother personally, so I've met him..Eric LaSalle I believe is his name? A few times as well.

    And although I've never met HER personally, I have been to/drove by Sandra Bullock's house. She has a house here in Austin, TX out by an area called the Oasis.

    Oh and when I lived in San Antonio, I've met the Spurs basketball players a few times.

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    Retired stagehand worked with many. Road shows, Vegas, LBJ in Korea (Military Police) If they worked Vegas from 69 to 84 I probably met them. Worked Mountain Shadows Scottsdale Lucy Ball, Loren Bacall, John Wayne, James Drury, Hung out.there. My favorite Ann Margret, Elvis, Bobby Darin, The list goes on and on.

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    Yes, some years ago a friend of mine danced in an off Broadway show and I went out for a bite to eat afterward with Lucy Arnaz (Lucille Ball's)

    daughter, my friend a some others in the cast. My cousin is the director Barry Levinson who directed Dustin Hoffman in Rainman. I got to meet Dustin Hoffman when he and Tom Cruise were shooting the film.

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    I used to have John Goodman (Big guy on Roseanne way back) come over to my house when I was a kid. He was my dad's friend. He tutored him in math (The guys not too bright at all). Brett Hull taught me how to play hockey, but I didn't get to talk to him too much. Snake from Skid Row seen me smoking a cigar at a concert, thought it was a blunt and tried to smoke it with me, but I quit smoking a while ago. One more, Nelly lived a block away, I've seen him plenty in St. Louis, never met him though. I bet if I did, he'd remember the weird little blond kid kicking the soda machine for free drinks.

    Had to edit, forgot about Blagoiavich. I personally catered and bar tended for him numerous times. I'm pretty sure he falls under Infamous. I personally hate the rep he gave my state. He had our company feed his fundraiser, and we are good, and he refused to eat, because of unresolved issues with my boss.

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    I partied with Vanna White once. Shaq used to come by my office two or three times a year. I met and spoke with George Takei and Candace Gingrich (Newt's sister and former head of HRC). And an old friend of mine from college was becoming famous when he died of cancer in 1997. His name was Vince Williams - rising soap opera star, and first black male lead in a soap. I miss that guy

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    Well, I've met a few. I live near where all the City people come to rest.

    Picture of where i live-

    So all soap stares and famous political leaders, musicians, and all come here. My mum is friend's with alot of famous people, I have met only a few, They are, Micheal Lang, Neil Young, Jewel "pukes for that one"

    I could give you a list of all the famous people that live with in 20miles of me or have a house there.. Edit....

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    I met my chemical romance years ago, before they got big. I've met Eisley, and Claudio from coheed and cambria. hmm I've met Eve 6, Goldfinger, The spill canvas...i think that's it.

    I plan on meeting Juliette Lewis at her concert in a few weeks.

    My mom knew sonny and cher and she used to go to john waynes house all the time because she was friends with john waynes son.

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    I met paramore the starting line and the almost at a concert i went to once (my first concert lol) i met kinda the rolling stones when they were staying at a hotel where i used to work at i saw Sarah Palin and i shook Hilary Clinton's hand and well that is about it

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