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    1st mini album <Raplay>:::

    1. 姊姊 妳太美了(Replay)

    2. In my room

    3. Real

    4. 愛.繼.限 (Love should go on)

    5. 姊姊 妳太美了(Replay-Boom Track)

    1st album <The SHINee Wlord>:::

    01. The SHINee World (doo-bop)

    02. 愛之路 (Love's Way)

    03. 氧氣般的妳 (Love like Oxygen)

    04. 不是妳就是不行 (ROMANTIC)

    05. 她分手了 (One for me)

    06. 化了濃妝後 (Graze)

    07. 最後的禮物 (Last Gift) (In my room-Prelude)

    08. 拜託在我身邊 (Best Place)

    09. 惠啊 (Y Si Fuera Ella)

    10. 當我閉上雙眼 (Four Seasons)

    11. In my room (Unplugged Remix)

    12. 姊姊 妳太美了 (Replay)

    1st album <Amigo>:::

    01. Amigo (愛上妳很辛苦)

    02. Forever or Never

    03. 氧氣般的妳 (Love like Oxygen)

    04. 愛.繼.限 (Pluged by DJ_Oneshot) (Love should go on)

    05. 姊姊 妳太美了 (Replay)

    06. 不是妳就是不行 (ROMANTIC)

    07. 愛之路 (Love's Way)

    08. 她分手了 (One for Me)

    09. 化了濃妝後 (Graze)

    10. 最後的禮物 (Last Gift) (In my room-Prelude)

    11. 拜託在我身邊 (Best Place)

    12. 惠啊 (Y Si Fuera Ella)

    13. 當我閉上雙眼 (Four Seasons)

    14. In my room (Unplugged Remix)

    15. The SHINee World (doo-bop)

    2nd mini album <Romeo>:::

    1. 我欣賞你 (Talk To You)

    2. 茱麗葉 (Juliette)

    3. 乾脆打我吧 (Hit Me Baby)

    4. 我的小姐 (Señoria)

    5. 夢語 (Please, Don't Go)

    6. 少年,遇見了少女 (Romeo+Juliette)


    韓劇 流星花園OST - Stand By Me

    Anycall CF - Bodyguard

    鐘鉉&張力尹 - 交錯的愛

    溫流&李賢智 - 香草Love (Vanilla Love)

    溫流&鄭秀妍Jessica(少女時代) - 一年後 (One Year Later)

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